The categories below are open to professional photographers who, on traditional or new media platforms, can best capture in a still image:

1. Sport Action

An image that depicts a moment of journalistic relevance, athletic skill, sports impact or high-quality detail from a particular sporting event.

2. Portfolio

A portfolio of at least three but no more than five sports photos. These photos may be from the same sport or same event, or they may be from different events and different sports.

Technical Requirements




These categories are dedicated to the written word, encompassing colour writing and column writing on traditional or new media platforms:

3. Best Column

An article that shows a knowledgeable opinion and that demonstrates research, relevance, authority and an original view on a topic.

4. Best Colour Piece

An article that captures the emotion of an occasion in and around the sporting world, and that shows preparation, creativity, outstanding reporting and a flair for storytelling.

Technical Requirements
Technical requirements: Submissions require a title and a description. There is no word limit for submissions as long as they are articles. Book chapters and book prologues are not allowed. Book excerpts are only allowed if published under an article format in a traditional or new media. If the submission has a link, please make sure that the link is fully accessible (ie not behind a paywall), otherwise please provide a full PDF of the article. Proof of publication for online articles could be a link with the date visible. For print articles, a PDF of the newspaper/magazine is required, or a link with the article, if it was also published online, with the date visible. If the article appeared across multiple pages, the entrant must save it as one PDF containing all pages. Articles can be submitted regardless of the language, however, translation into English is advisable, as a supporting document in a separate PDF. If two or more journalists worked on the story, it should be clearly specified in the description. Failure to inform this could result in disqualification. Articles must have been published between November 5, 2023, to November 4, 2024. close




5. Audio

A submission that is either a radio report, podcast, piece of commentary or other audio submission that is not only compelling but also displays some technical innovation and quality research.

Technical Requirements
Please make sure to specify your specific role in the audio (ie, producer, anchor). All audios should be uploaded into the platform of AIPS Sport Media Awards in a valid audio format. Links sent via WeTransfer or similar platforms will be disregarded. If audios can be found online, please provide a fully accessible link (ie. not behind a paywall). If the audio work (ie podcast) is split into episodes, please choose only one episode to represent your submission. Only entries aired between November 5, 2023, to November 4, 2024 will be accepted. In the event of qualifying for the final round, a full transcript of the audio could be asked to the entrant. close




The video categories are dedicated to those who, on traditional or new media platforms, harness the moving image in sport, from the cameraman to the video web caster, to the producer or production team represented by one individual covering a sport event.

6. Athlete profile

A video longer than 10 minutes that portrays a captivating, in-depth image of an athlete or a prominent and relevant sport figure.

7. Documentary

A video longer than 10 minutes that tells a compelling and revealing story about any aspect of the sport world, showing qualitative research and editorial input combined with quality filmmaking.

8. Short feature

A video shorter than 10 minutes in length on any sporting subject with strong storytelling, innovative filming and journalistic relevance.

Technical Requirements
Technical requirements: Please make sure to specify your specific role in the video (ie, director, producer, anchor). Also, please clarify if you have acquired footage or if it is all original and shot by your crew. All videos should be uploaded into the platform of AIPS Sport Media Awards in a valid video format. Unless specifically asked by the organisers, links sent via WeTransfer or similar platforms will be disregarded. If videos can be found online, please provide a fully accessible link (ie. not behind a paywall) and provide a password if applicable. If the documentary is part of a docu-series, please choose one episode to represent your submission. A video published on a video sharing platform will be considered valid as long as it complies with the rest of the Rules. Maximum duration for Short Feature: Up to 10 minutes. Minimum duration for Athlete Profile and Documentary: More than 10 minutes. close




The Young Reporters category is open to professionals that are under 30 (born on or after January 1, 1995). AIPS has invested in the future of sport journalism by creating the respected AIPS Young Reporters Programmes, that set a high quality reporting standard for UEFA, FIFA, FINA and IAAF events since 2011. To give an Award to the younger generations is another step in the same direction and underlines AIPS efforts to offer a better future in this profession. Each of the winners will receive a career-boost opportunity: a scholarship in a major international sports event.

9. Best Young Reporters in Photography.

10. Best Young Reporters in Writing.

11. Best Young Reporters in Broadcasting (Audio and Video).

Technical Requirements
All participants must be born on or after January 1, 1995. It is not possible to make two different submissions in the Young Reporters category. Each category allows entrantsto submit one file only (one picture for Photography, one article for Writing, one video or audio file for Broadcasting). “Young Reporters” categories do not include second and third place: the three subcategories will have a direct winner. Out of the two submissions per person, only one can be used for Best Young Reporters category, but it is still possible to compete in one of the other main categories. close



Not open to submissions, these awards recognise achievement in the following fields:



A lifetime recognition award for a media professional who has demonstrated passion and excellence in the field of sport journalism. The winner could be a well-known TV commentator, a gifted producer or an accomplished and influential newspaper columnist.



Investigative reporting

Dedicated to an investigative treatment, on traditional or new media platforms, that identifies and explains and/or reveals sport related topics or issues judged to be of public interest.