The categories below are open to professional photographers who, on traditional or new media platforms can best capture in a still image.

1. Sport action

An image that depicts a memoent of excellence or athletic skill from a particular sporting event.

2. Portfolio

A portfolio of at least three but no more than five sports photos. They may be from the same sport or same event, or from different events and different sports.




These categories are dedicated to the written word, encompassing colour writing and column writing on traditional or new media platforms.

3. Best Column

A piece that best demonstrates relevance, knowledge and authority in the field of sport writing.

4. Best Colour Piece

Writing that best captures the emotion and sense of occassion in and around the sporting world.




5. Audio

The audio category recognises excellence in sports journalism produced in audio formats - the special skills required to present content for radio, TV, digital broadcast, including podcasts and vodcasts.




The video categories are dedicated to those who, on traditional or new media platforms, harness the moving image in sport, from the cameraman to the video web caster, to the producer or production team represented by one individual covering a sport event.

6. Athlete profile

A video that portrays a captivating, in-depth image of an athlete.

7. Documentary

A video that tells a compelling and revealing story about any aspect of the sport world.



Journalistic Weblog

8. Journalistic Weblog

This category will be judged on an individual's capacity to engage, sustain and grow a web-based community around discussion of sport and exchange of opinions. One blog entry should be chosen as a submission that best represents the journalistic web blog as a whole.



Not open to submissions, these awards recognise achievement in the following fields:


A life in sport

A lifetime recognition award for a media professional who has demonstrated passion and excellence in the field of sport journalist. The winner could be a well-known TV commentator, a gifted producer or an accomplished and influential newspaper columnist.



Investigative reporting

Dedicated to an investigative treatment, on traditional or new media platforms, that identifies and explains and/or reveals sport related topics or issues judged to be of public interest.