Podium nominees announcement!

  • April 17, 2024

LAUSANNE, April 18, 2024 – The countdown has officially begun. In just a matter of days the winners of the sixth edition of the AIPS Sport Media Awards will be crowned in Santa Susanna, Spain. The gala will take place at the Pavilion of Santa Susanna on April 29. As we look forward to what is expected to be another magical evening, AIPS is honoured to announce the Top 3 in each category.

After the submission window closed in November 2023, 1887 entries from 140 countries began the intense race for a place on the podium and were thoroughly screened across different judging stages. Now there are 33.

The members of the Jury will meet the day before the ceremony to determine the final positions of these nominees.

PRIZES Winners of each senior category will receive US$ 8,000 (1st prize), US$ 3,000 (2nd prize) and US$ 2,000 (3rd prize). The three Young Reporters categories (Photography, Writing and Broadcasting) will have one winner each and they will receive a scholarship to a major international sports event.

Also, special Awards, including A Life in Sports and Investigative Reporting, will be announced during the final ceremony.

Based on voting from the 12-member AIPS Sport Media Awards Jury, here are the top 3 in each category, listed in alphabetical order of surname:


Cristian Arcos (Chile), Colo Colo 73: 50 Years of an Unforgettable Team - Radio ADN

Greg Kelly (Canada), Flopsweat: Why We Choke When It Matters Most - CBC Radio

Shima Oliaee (USA), Pink Card - Shirazad Productions


PHOTOGRAPHY PORTFOLIO                                   

Ryan Pierse (Australia), Teahupo'o - The End of the Road - Getty Images

Adam Pretty (Australia), World Swimming Championships 2023 - Getty Images

Roman Vondrouš (Czech Republic), Canoe Slalom World Cup - Czech News Agency


PHOTOGRAPHY SPORT ACTION                             

Sam Barnes (UK), Falling Femke - Sportsfile

Luca Bettini (Italy), Bloody mask - Sprint Cycling Agency

Erçin Ertürk (Turkey), Look and See - Anadolu Agency


VIDEO ATHLETE PROFILE                          

Anthony Audureau, Thomas Larabi (France), Until the last round -Trois Heures moins le Quart

Joseph Battaglia (USA), Bob Beamon: The Legacy Beyond The Leap - FloSports

William Moss (USA), Untitled: The Noah Lyles Project - NBC Sports



Phyllis Ellis (Canada), Category: Woman - Proximity Films

Alison Mayer (Brazil), The incredible Galicia street soccer cup - TV Globo

Louis Myles / Ahmed Twaij (UK), Mighty Penguins - Meadow Lark


Al Bello (USA), The Savannah Bananas - Getty Images

Gustavo Rotstein (Brazil), Sister Isabela: A football act - TV Globo

Ben Unger (Germany), The first and last women's international match - WDR



David Gardner (USA), Gunshots shattered her hoop dreams. Now she wants them back. - Washington Post

Christof Gertsch (Switzerland), The Merman - Das Magazin

Quentin Moynet (France), Les galériens du tennis / Welcome to the jungle - L'Equipe

WRITING BEST COLUMN                           

Cristian Grosso (Argentina), Messi, the hero without resentment - Diario La Nación

Pablo Juanarena (Spain), Text for a football match ticket - Marca

Orfeo Suárez (Spain), The Achilles heel is in the balls - El Mundo


YOUNG REPORTERS BROADCASTING                               

Stanimira Atanasova (Bulgaria), The other champions: "A letter to you" - bTV Media Group

Papa Mahmoud Gueye (Senegal), Football, the new Saudi soft power? - Taggat

Silvana Strieder (Austria), From the Front Line to the Arena: The Story of a World Champion - KURIER


YOUNG REPORTERS PHOTOGRAPHY                               

Akram Abdullah (Yemen), Passion & spirit in its finest form - Facebook

Vinicius Do Prado (Brazil), Two Sides of a Penalty - Agência DRAP

Márton Koncz (Hungary), Serve - Nemzeti Sport


Jack Bantock (UK), For nearly 50 years, only Black men caddied The Masters. One day, they all but vanished. - CNN

Jose Encarnacion (Puerto Rico), The other final stretch of the horses at the Camarero Hippodrome - Centro de Periodismo Investigativo

Stefan Kosanović (Serbia), Sports psychologist Sasa Sredanovic falsely presents herself to the public - Fake News Tragač

WHAT NEXT The official top 10 rankings will be announced during the ceremony and the continental rankings per category will be published in early May.

Congratulations to all our participants and good luck to our podium nominees!


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