AIPS Sport Media Awards 2019 presented at the European Games in Minsk

  • June 23, 2019
(L-R): AIPS represented by Nastassia Marynina, Charles Camenzuli, Nikolai Dologopolov, Jura Ozmec, presents the 2nd edition of the AIPS Sport Media Awards at the European Games Minsk 2019. (Photo by Minsk 2019)

Charles Camenzuli, AIPS Europe President

MINSK, June 23, 2019 - The 2nd European Games being held in Minsk offered the ideal scenario for the AIPS delegation to launch the 2019 edition of the AIPS Media Awards. Accredited journalists for the Games had the opportunity to receive all the information relative to the AIPS Sport Media Awards during a visual presentation held in the main Conference Hall of the Dynamo Stadium in Minsk.

AIPS Europe President Charles Camenzuli gave an overview of the administrative aspect of AIPS and how the international media has developed since its foundation in 1924. He also stressed the importance of participating in such awards which demonstrate ability in various sectors of sport media world-wide.

Jura Ozmec as AIPS General Secretary gave a detailed account of the 2018 AIPS Sport Media Awards experience with facts and figures which piqued the interest of those present. Details of the procedure of participation and assessment of submissions was also given. The importance of such awards was also stressed by AIPS Vice President Nikolai Dologopolov who urged Russian and Belarus journalists and those who have Russian as their mother language to participate.

During the same occasion the Belarus Sports Journalists Association President, Nastassia Marynina gave details of the sport media awards contest to be held by the Belorussian media association which will also enhance the participation of journalists in the AIPS Sport Media Awards.


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