Beyond logic, in the middle of the action, between rocks and fire, meet the finalists in the photography categories

  • January 31, 2020

AIPS Media

BUDAPEST, January 31, 2020 - An image that depicts a moment of excellence or athletic skill from a particular sporting event. A portfolio of at least three but no more than five sports photos, either from the same sport or same event, or from different events and different sports. Those were the conditions to participate in the two main photography categories of the AIPS Sport Media Awards, open to professional photographers only. The result was an impressive number of submissions from all around the world, coming from the world’s top sporting events of the year (from the Champions League to the Pan American games) to high quality pictures coming from smaller, off-the-beaten track events. All of them have one thing in common: they all tell a story.

Sport Action finalists

Juan Arboleda (El Colombiano, for AFP) captured a special moment from a skater that has no legs. “You set the limits”, he named it.

Zhuang Wu (Xinhua News Agency) took us to the ring and offered us the unique moment of a punch hitting the face of a boxer. His submission is named “Chinese Boxer Xu Can”.

Ganbat Chuluunbaatar (Mongolian Sports Press Union) set the camera right in front of a horse during the Mongolian Games, causing an impressive effect. The rider attempts to catch a wand, a traditional sport that only offers one attempt, thus the headline “Before a Catch”.

Portfolio finalists
Australian photographer Adam Pretty (Getty Images) submitted a five-picture portfolio in black and white entitled “Infinite Trails”. It shows the arduous efforts of runners in the mountains of Austria, during the Infinite Trails World Championships 2019.

Russian Sergey Kivrin (Azerbaijan Airlines Magazine) submitted five stunning pictures of the Nomad Games in Azerbaijan, another traditional competition involving horses, arrows, rocks and fire.

The Czech photographer Roman Vondrouš (Czech News Agency) searched some wild angles to cover the traditional horse racing competitions in his country, resulting in a selection of colour and action.

What’s next
Next Monday, in Hotel Corinthia, Budapest, the three finalists of Photography Sport Action, and the three finalists of Photography Portfolio will experience one of the most special nights of their careers. For one night, the flashes will be on them, the real protagonists of the AIPS gala. First, second and third prizes will be announced, but all of them are already winners.


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