AIPS Sport Media Awards: the Top 10 ranking in Young Reporter Under 30

  • February 21, 2020
The three winners in the category Young Reporter Under 30:(4th, 5th and 7th from the left) Mattia Ozobt (Photography), Mažvydas Laurinaitis (Writing), Hamza Ait Messaoud (Broadcasting) holding their trophies. (Photo by Carlo Pozzoni/AIPS)

AIPS Media

LAUSANNE, February 21, 2020 - After the AIPS Sport Media Awards ceremony held in Budapest on February 3rd 2020, in which winners across the 9 categories have been awarded, AIPS is proud to release the Top 10 ranking for each category, to pay tribute to all the journalists who created high-quality content, increasing the yet remarkable standard of the first edition.

The Young Reporter Under 30 category received submissions from across three sub-categories; Photography, Writing and Broadcasting and after a thorough screening process, the direct winners were announced in Budapest. The Young Reporter categories do not include second and third place.

Here is the list of the journalists who made it into the top ten, passing through several selection stages led by a jury of quality and experienced professionals. The list contains ties in 10th position.


WINNER. Hamza Ait Messaoud (Morocco), Sports management - Football clubs in Morocco: a reality of three degrees - Athletics Management
2. Terrisa Mark (USA), Life of Ato Boldon - TTT Limited
3. Ivan Boyanov (Bulgaria), The king below zero degrees - BTV
4. Florina Ivanova (Bulgaria), Mission "Golden Girl" - BTV Media Group
5. Debola Adebanjo (Nigeria), Nigerian footballers: living in fear of kidnappers - TV
6. Benjamin Payne (USA), NFL returns to site of first game - National Public Radio
7. Haoyu Wang, Zewei Zhang (China), Cool sports - Blooming silent: towards international Deaf Day - Xinhua
8. Richard Szentes (Hungary), Ocean's Seven: The Hell of the North - Media Vivantis Zrt.
9. Janine Anthony (Nigeria), What is wrong with having female commentators? - BBC Africa TV Sport
10. Komi Agbeko Nicolas Louyah (Togo), The urban race, the motorsport engine in Togo - Stad'afric

WINNER. Mattia Ozbot (Italy), Lights and shadows - Mattia Ozbot Photography
2. Lukas Schulze (Germany), Golden celebration - The Sun
3. Wang Chien Hsin (Chinese Taipei), Crazy for Ichiro - Capture@
4. Morgan Hancock (Australia), A year of sport down under - The Standard and ActionPlus
5. Christel Saneh (Lebanon), Fierce competition - Track and Field Society
6. Ricardo Hernández (Spain), Just fly -
7. Nyein Su Wai Kyaw Soe (Myanmar), The youth Olympics Games, Buenos Aries 2018 - SOPA Images
8. Andrej Galica (Slovakia), On the bench - Slovak olympic and sports committee
9. Mohamad Amirul Mohd Adnan Ali (Malaysia), Wave splash - Genk Kosmo!
10. King Akuffo Afriyie (Ghana), Air dive, mud up - SikaFotos


WINNER. Mažvydas Laurinaitis (Lithuania), Famous Lithuanian trainer accused of sexual harassment -
2. Ben Morse (United Kingdom), The world's first LGBT Cricket Club, graces, finding acceptance in 'Gentleman's Game' - CNN International
3. Liu Sijie (China), Finding a compromise to become "Mbappé" - Tencent
4. Fiifi Anaman (Ghana), The blood and toil of our fathers: The making of an African football powerhouse - Medium
5. Christopher Reive Nzme (New Zealand), From outcast to idol: the day a kiwi superstar was born - New Zealand Herald
6. Andrea Hernández Gutiérrez (Chile), Yasmani Acosta: a life for struggle - Faro Deportivo
7. Kobe Tong (United Kingdom), Annie Tagoe: the athlete who lost everything to injuries, skin bleaching and depression - Givemesport
8. Clarisse Sih (Cameroon), Professional pride of a sweeper with a difference, Cameroon Radio Television - CRTV
9. Anne Armbrecht (Germany), See, it won't work! - Süddeutsche Zeitung
10. Solace Chukwu (Nigeria), Goal, African football has a 'victim' problem - TheSuperSub
10. Melissa Velvel Fare (Vanuatu), “Shoes are not the reason why we win”: Vanuatu woman wins half marathon in socks – Pacific Games News Service


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