AIPS Sport Media Awards 2019 - Top ranked submissions in Asia

  • February 26, 2020


LAUSANNE, February 26, 2020 - Following the immense success of the second edition of the AIPS Sport Media Awards, AIPS is honored to share the official ranking of the top submissions from each continent across the different categories, as an acknowledgment of sports media worldwide.

The Awards submissions included an inspiring level of journalistic content from across five continents, culminating in a celebration of storytelling excellence in Budapest on February 3, 2020.

The second edition of the AIPS Awards received an outstanding total of 1746 submissions from 125 nations around the globe. In submitting their work for consideration for the nine categories, colleagues from across the globe engaged in a dialogue of sporting journalism. Such dialogue is crucial in highlighting the importance of our profession and the need to invest in its culture and independence.

Read all about the winners of the inaugural AIPS Sport Media Awards here.

Below are the top submissions of the AIPS Sport Media Awards from ASIA, ranked based on the votes of the international Awards jury.

*The list may contain more than ten names in some categories due to ties in the 10th position.




1. Khosrow Valizadeh Tehrani (Iran), Live radio soccer report - IR Iran

2. Shahram Zeinolabedini (Iran), Do not exercise by dream - Salamt Radio

3. Shahram Zeinolabedini (Iran), The role of sport on Otism (especially children) - Salamt Radio

4. Sharif Uddin (Bangladesh), Extinct village traditional game of Bengal - Borendro Radio 99.2 FM

5. Pulasta Dhar (India), Live commentary on Pedro Manzi's goal from halfway line against Aizawl in the I-League - Star Sports Network

5. Umar Hammad Abukibash (Palestine), Algeria goals in semi-final and final of African nations cup vs Nigeria and vs Senegal - Ajyal Radio

5. Sharif Uddin (Bangladesh), The story of a horse girl Tasmina - Borendro Radio 99.2 FM

8. Amogh Ranadive (India), The corner flag Ep 45 | Lloris did a Karius, Liverpool got a lucky break and Honda needs a job - Amogh Ranadive



1. Naeem Ahmadi (Iran), Double standard - Iran International Photo Agency

2. Adnan El Hage Ali (Lebanon), Women fight bad weather - Beirut Marathon Association

3. Javid Nikpour (Iran), The first down syndrome wrestling team in the world - Iran Images

4. Ming Li (China), Rowing moments - Xinhua News Agency

5. Akl Yazbeck (Lebanon), OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) - Sportscode Images

6. Mohsen Bakhshandeh Zahmati (Iran), Disabled swimming championships of the Islamic Republic of Iran - IRNA News Agency

7. Amin Mohammad Jamali (Iran), Unity and empathy - Getty Images

8. Ming Li (China), Mechanic creatures - Xinhua News Agency

9. Maryam Majd (Iran), Gladiator girls - Webistan Photo Agency

10. Daisuke Nakashima (Japan), Mohamed Salah - the light in Islamic world - Sports Graphic Number 985



1. Zhuang Wu (China), Chinese Boxer Xu Can - Xinhua News Agency

2. Ganbat Chuluunbaatar (Mongolia), Before a catch! - Mongolian Sports Press Union

3. Wong Fok Loy (Malaysia), IWWF World Waterski Championships - EyePress Newswire

4. Ajaj Shaikh (India), The flying machine - The Hindu Mumbai Edition

5. Toh Leng (Singapore), Anyone can do it! -

6. Zhuang Wu (China), The sport in the coldest city - Xinhua News Agency

7. Dohoon Kim (Korea, Republic Of), Decisive moment - Yonhap News Agency

8. Subodh Mayure (India), Sagar Ovhalkar practising the one-hand mayurasan at the Jawahar Vidya Bhavan in Chembur yesterday - Mid-day Infomedia Ltd, Mumbai

9. Akl Yazbeck (Lebanon), Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, Beirut - Sportscode Images

10. Stanislav Filippov (Kazakhstan), I'll bite your ear off! – Sportfotokz



1. Wenxiu Jia, Hongtao Liu, Boxuan Sun, Jing Zeng, Wei Xu (China), This is me - Tencent

2. Zabihullah Shahzaad (Afghanistan), Who is Rohullah Nikpa? A star was born in a war-torn country and became the legend of Afghanistan - Afghanistan Sports Journalists Federation

3. Jiahao Liu, Xueying Li (China), Brian Osser: “I felt the enthusiasm of Chinese players” -

4. Wasil Wesal (Afghanistan), He lost his eyes, but not his vision and goals - Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, Radio Azadi

5. Yiwei Wang (China), Liu Guoliang's two battlefields: I don’t think I am smart, but I don’t - Tencent

6. Jayesh Km (India), IM Vijayan@50 - Mathrubhumi News

7. Farhad Muhammad (Pakistan), 18 years old Qaiser Afridi continues his Judo practice in a conflict area Bara Khyber - Radio Mashaal, Radio Free Europe

8. Jiahao Liu, Xueying Li (China), Xu Guoyi paved the way for success for his disciples - China Sport News,

9. Fumio Takeshima (Japan), SanfrecceHiroshima No7 Gakuto Notsuda re-start with memorial number - Sports GENKIMARU

10. Indira Bektenova (Kazakhstan), Pop questions - QAZSPORT TV Channel



1. Mohammad Farahpour (Iran), I'm Roberto Baggio, from Iran - IRIB Varzesh

2. Hui Fang (China), Chinese traditional sports project documentary series: martial arts in Emei -

3. Ji Liu (China), Chinese traditional sports project documentary series: east sea dragon dance -

3. Song Yang (China), Chinese traditional sports project documentary series: play with a Chinese yo-yo -

5. Jasni Shafie (Malaysia), Active reflection - RTM

6. Jiahao Liu, Gang Zhang, Xi Wang (China), Ice and snow resources to launch sports activities in Jilin province, China -

6. Doalnoreen Nasser Alharbi (Yemen), The story of Yemen’s athlete number one and holder of the Olympic Order! - YouTube



1. Zhe Sun (China), Eagle on tightrope - Xinhua News Agency

2. Maziyar Koopidar (Iran), Iranian girls outside stadium - Youtube Channel

3. Bazly Azmi (Malaysia), The curse of belly flop - Astro Arena

4. Xiao Ceng (China), Female football players from Hainan become a symbol of the island - Tencent

5. Shafi Karimi (Afghanistan), Drop and Ride, freestyle mountain biking in Afghanistan - RFE/RL's Radio Free Afghanistan

6. Maziyar Koopidar (Iran), Football a piece of everything - IRIB TV3

7. Elham Mohammadi Majd (Iran), The day the doors of Azadi were opened to women - Iran's sports champions and pioneers support credit fund notices station

8. Firooz Mashoof (Afghanistan), For my brother - Faryad tv

9. Minjun Lee (Korea, Republic Of), Show me the sports - Channel A

10. Nan Shen (China), Go! Ironman - Xinhua News Agency



1. Zahra Aliee (Iran), A story of the women's historical day in the forbidden place "Azadi" -

2. Xiangfei Ma (China), Death is not end of life -- the story of a "one-man" team - Xinhua News Agency

3. Shail Desai (India), How overcrowding near Everest summit is exposing climbers to grave risks - Hindustan Times

4. Masaki Kono (Japan), Nick Japan where I found my place - Asahi Shimbun

5. Motez Bishara (Kuwait), From humble beginnings, Gay Bowl attracts NFL sponsors and touches lives - CNN

6. Bhavya Dore (India), A man on his horse - Fountain Ink

7. Deepti Patwardhan (India), Bowling for Germany - Mint Lounge

7. Muhammad Asif Khan (Pakistan), Girl of steel - Daily Dawn

9. Prajwal Oli (Nepal), Once trafficked to Nepal, African footballers now come willingly to play the beautiful game - The Kathmandu Post

10. Abhishek Paul (India), Playing: reborn in the USA - Hindustan Times



1. Prajwal Oli (Nepal), Nepal barely plays 50 different sports, but hosts nearly 200 sports associations - The Kathmandu Post

2. Saeedeh Fathabadi (Iran), Three bearded girls –

3. Razan Baker (Saudi Arabia), How sport can bring communities together and attract investment - Arab News Newspaper

4. Shokoofehsadat Mousavi (Iran), Ladies are not allowed! - Iran Varzeshi Newspaper

5. Basheer Senan (Yemen), Athletes in Yemen: between devastating war and extremism ideologies –

6. Shail Desai (India), Ultra Running in India going the distance - Mint

7. Mustafa Mamun (Bangladesh), Mashrafee abong debotto - Daily Kaler Kantho

8. Adarsha Dhaka (Nepal), Caught out or not out? Women’s sports struggle to grab limelight in the absence of big-money sponsor - The Kathmandu Post

9. Aayush Puthran (India), Indian women's cricket - Setting sail with anchor down - Cricbuzz

10. Leslie Xavier (India), Aishwarya Pissay's world title and the reality of motorsport's gender bias -



1. Wang Haoyu, Zhang Zewei (China), Cool Sports | Blooming Silent - Towards International Deaf Day - Xinhua Sports

2. Sid Kohli (India), Reporter - BBC Sportsday, and Presenter - Star Sports             BBC Sportsday

3. Sharif Uddin (Bangladesh), Attorokkha shekhai hadudu - Borendro Radio 99.2 Fm

4. Yueze Chen (China), “Ye Sha” basketball team at 2019 Basketball World Cup with five new lives – Tencent

5. Jianli Li (China), The reason why you play football – Tencent Sports

5. Tazeen Qureshy (India), Hockey World Cup 2018: The unsung heroes – Sportstar

7. Jung Hwan Won (Korea, Republic of), Closed and hierarchy sports system that leads athletes cannot but suffer violence in silence - Arirang Global TV

7. Jayesh Km (India), Captains Goal - Mathrubhumi News

9. Sijia Xu (China), Women's field | Ran Yingying: why a woman should not be ambitious - Tencent Sports

10. Xu Li, Nan Zhang (China), Women’s field: It took us 40 years to sit with you and watch the game - Tencent Sports



1. Wang Chien Hsin (Chinese Taipei), Crazy for Ichiro - Capture@

2. Christel Saneh (Lebanon), Fierce competition - Track and Field Society

3. Nyein Su Wai Kyaw Soe (Myanmar), The Youth Olympics Games, Buenos Aries 2018 - Olympic Information Service (OIS photo)

4. Mohamad Amirul Mohd Adnan Ali (Malaysia), Wave splash - GenK Kosmo!

5. Movahed Tarimoradi Motlagh (Iran), The magic of football in Iran-Pakistan border - 90tv

6. Mohammad Javad Abjoushak (Iran), Stadium in the smoke - Irna

7. Jun Qian (China), Lewis Hamilton celebrates 1000th FORMULA 1 Grand Prix - Jawa Pos (Indoensia Daily)



1. Sijie Liu (China), Finding a compromise to become "Mbappé" - Tencent

2. Wufei Yu (China), Wrestling with past and present: Uzbek father and son cope with life’s takedowns Eurasianet

3. Hanif Ullah (Pakistan), Dream of an employed child who wants to become a cricket star - AIPS Media

4. Aayush Puthran (India), Indian women's cricket - Setting sail with anchor down - Cricbuzz

5. Pradeep Krishna Murugesan (India), Rafael Nadal - the man of exclamations - Ananda Vikatan Digital Private Limited

6. Bhargab Sarmah (India), No country for women footballers - Hindustan Times

7. Arya Ur (India), Disability is in our bodies, not in our minds - The Times of India

8. Annesha Ghosh (India), I couldn't handle being the best because the only way was down - The Cricket Monthly, ESPN (Digital)

8. Massoud Hokmabadi (Iran), Sport in Tel Aviv stalemate! - Sobhe Emrouz

10. Mohsen Ajorloo (Iran), Expose a secret after 14 years - Iran Varzeshi Newspaper


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