Submissions now open! AIPS Sport Media Awards 2020 edition launched today

  • April 16, 2020
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Martin Mazur - AIPS Media

LAUSANNE, April 16, 2020 - In a moment of extreme uncertainty for the world, good journalism does not stop. And neither do the AIPS Sport Media Awards! From today, submissions for the third edition are officially open for all

The Awards are a true festival for the best sport storytellers across all media platforms, from photography to video, from print to digital, from podcasts to sports blogs.

For the past edition, we have received submissions from 125 countries, a clear indication of the international spirit and core value of the AIPS Sport Media Awards.

HOW TO SUBMIT - As usual, all that you have to do is check, create a profile and submit your work.

Submission is free and open to all professionals, regardless of their work statuses and language.

The website already has its versions in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Romanian and Spanish. More languages are on the way.

Each individual can upload up to two different submissions.

The process is simple, straightforward and shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes, once you have gathered the supporting files that you want to submit, whether a PDF for written categories, an audio file or video. Links are allowed as long as they comply with the requirements (no paywalls, fully accessible, date of publication visible).

All additional material (scripts, subtitles, English translation) can be uploaded when submitting or at a later stage.

DATES - All submissions must have been published between October 8, 2019, and October 7, 2020. Only articles, videos and audios published between those dates will be valid.

CATEGORIES – We will continue with the same 8 main categories that were present in the second edition, as follows: two for Photography (Sport Action, Portfolio) two for writing (Best Column, Best Colour Piece), three for video (Short Feature, Athlete Profile, Documentary) and one for audio. Winners of all these categories are entitled to money prize. 

Winners of each category claim a US$ 8,000 cheque, while second and third receive 3,000 and 2,000, respectively.

YOUNG REPORTERS - The ninth category is the special Young Reporter Under 30, for those born after January 1, 1991, that has three subcategories: Writing, Photography and Broadcasting.

Winners of the Young Reporter Under 30 category will receive a unique prize: a scholarship at a major international sporting event, with all expenses, travel ticket and accommodation covered.

From the two submissions per person, only one can be used to participate in the Young Reporter Under 30 category.

SUBMIT AND PARTICIPATE - We are therefore inviting all professional sports journalists, photographers and videographers to join us in this adventure, the highest accolade in the sport media industry. Prizes and recognition await!

Submit now at

About the AIPS Sport Media Awards

-The AIPS Sport Media Awards is the global prize for sports journalists across all platforms.

-It encourages them to send up to two submissions per person, for free, and offers more than 100,000 US Dollars in prizes.

-There are 8 main senior categories in Photography, Writing, Audio and Video, plus a special category dedicated to the younger generations of journalists.

-The final ceremony will take place in the first part of 2021.

-AIPS organises the AIPS Sport Media Awards in partnership with QSPC, the Qatar Sports Press Committee, as part of a shared drive to invest in culture and sport journalism, and purposefully protect and safeguard the integrity of the profession.

-The first edition, held in Lausanne, was inaugurated by IOC president Thomas Bach.

-The second edition, held in Budapest, was attended by FIFA president Gianni Infantino.

-Check all categories of the AIPS Sport Media Awards 2020

An image that depicts a moment of excellence or athletic skill from a particular sporting event.

A portfolio of at least three but no more than five sports photos. These photos may be from the same sport or same event, or they may be from different events and different sports.

An article that shows a knowledgeable opinion and that demonstrates research, relevance, authority and an original view on a topic.

An article that captures the emotion of an occasion in and around the sporting world, and that shows preparation, creativity, outstanding reporting and a flair for storytelling.

A submission that is either a radio report, podcast, piece of commentary or other audio submission that is not only compelling but also displays some technical innovation and quality research.

A video longer than 10 minutes that portrays a captivating, in-depth image of an athlete or a prominent and relevant sport figure.

A video longer than 10 minutes that tells a compelling and revealing story about any aspect of the sport world, showing qualitative research and editorial input combined with quality filmmaking.

A video shorter than 10 minutes on any sporting subject with strong storytelling, innovative filming and journalistic relevance.

The Young Reporter category is open to professionals that are under 30 (born on or after January 1, 1991) and is split into three sub categories:
  1. Best Young Reporter in Photography
  2. Best Young Reporter in Writing
  3. Best Young Reporter in Broadcasting (audio and video)

AIPS has invested in the future of sport journalism by creating the respected AIPS Young Reporters Programmes, that set a high quality reporting standard for UEFA, FIFA, FINA and IAAF events since 2011, and the e-College, an innovative distance-learning programme launched in April 2020.

To give an Award to the younger generations is another step in the same direction and underlines AIPS efforts to offer a better future in this profession. Each of the winners will receive a career-boost opportunity: a scholarship in a major international sports event.


How to participate

Learn what qualifications you need to be eligible for participation.

Awards given to each winner of each category. Chosen by the best judges.

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