AIPS Sport Media Awards 2020: here are the Photography categories

  • May 18, 2020

Graphics by Nordcap Studio

AIPS Media

LAUSANNE, May 18, 2020 - The AIPS Sport Media Awards 2020 are waiting for the best pictures by photojournalists around the world! This year again, Sport Action and Portfolio are the two categories availbable for those who want to give their profession an international spotlight.

Discover the two photography categories you can compete in by submitting your best work (maximum of two) published between October 7, 2019 and September 8, 2020.

SPORT ACTION An image that depicts a moment of excellence or athletic skill from a particular sporting event. In the 2019 edition, the Colombian photographer for AFP Juan Arboleda reached the first place thanks to a stunning snap called “You set the limits”. Through his work, Arboleda expressed his idea of using photography to show “human stories” behind sports. In the picture, the young Venezuelan skater “Alca”, performs his talent despite the prohibitive condition he has been sufering since his birth.

The winning picture by Juan Arboleda 

PORTFOLIO A portfolio of at least three but no more than five sports photos. These photos may be from the same sport or same event, or they may be from different events and different sports. Roman Vondrouš from the Czech News Agency ranked first last year. The portfolio “Horse Racing” gave light to a discipline with a long and distinguished tradition since the middle of the 19th century. Vondrouš showed that horse racings are not a mere race of jockeys on their horses. They offer a unique connection of adrenaline, art, interesting lighting, details and fleeting moments which are hidden from the eyes of casual viewers.

One picture in the winning Portfolio by Roman Vondrouš

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