Calling sportswriters: what you need to know about the AIPS Sport Media Awards

  • June 12, 2020
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LAUSANNE, June 12, 2020 - The AIPS Sport Media Awards 2020 are open to submissions. Professional journalists from all over the world can participate in the nine categories, while the young reporters competing in their dedicated category will have the chance to win a scholarship to cover a top sports event.

But, what do you need to know before submitting your best piece in Writing?
Here is the solution to all your doubts.

What are the categories for Writing?
There are two main categories for Writing: Best Column and Best Colour Piece. As main categories, submitting in any of these two will offer you the possibility, should your work is selected, to reach the final and claim one of the top three money prizes. There’s also one writing category for the Young Reporters Under 30, for those born under January 1, 1991, that are willing to participate voluntarily in this special category. Unlike the main categories, Young Reporters categories offer a scholarship at a top international sporting event.
What’s the description for Best Column?
An article that shows a knowledgeable opinion and that demonstrates research, relevance, authority and an original view on a topic.
What’s the description for Best Colour?
An article that captures the emotion of an occasion in and around the sporting world, and that shows preparation, creativity, outstanding reporting and a flair for storytelling.

How many submissions do I have?
Applicants are limited to a maximum of two entries across all categories of the Awards. A separate online entry form and supporting materials will be required for each entry.

What fields do I have to fill in the submission form?
Every submission form has a field for Title (the original title of your story) and Description. In the description, you can explain what the story is about, the context of your story (challenges, value of publication, repercussions) and add all additional information that can be valuable for the judges.

Can I send two articles within the same submission form?
No. A separate online entry form and supporting materials will be required for each entry. We will only take into consideration those files submitted in the “Submission file” or “Submission link” fields, also matching ‘Title’ and ‘Description’.

I’m not a full-time employee, I work as a freelancer. Is it possible for me to participate?
Yes, participation is open to all professional journalists, whether directly employed or freelancers.

I’m not a member of AIPS, can I still participate?
Applications may come from AIPS cardholders as well as those who are not members of the association but must come from one of the countries represented by the 160 member national associations.

Do I have to pay a fee to participate?
No, participation is completely free.

How do I know if I qualify for the Best Young Reporter in Writing category?
Participants for the Young Reporter category must be born on or after January 1, 1991. At the same time, all entrants must be persons who were at least 18 years of age on October 8, 2019. Therefore, if you were born from January 1, 1991 to October 8, 2001, you can voluntarily participate in the Young Reporter categories.

Can I submit two entries for the Young Reporter category?
No. As it is a special category, only one submission will be accepted. It is still possible to use your second submission to compete in one of the other main categories.

My article was published on a personal blog or website, is it still valid?
Our first rule is that all entrants need to be professional journalists. All submissions will be considered valid as long as they comply with the rest of the rules. For submissions coming from non-traditional media, we can require you additional information during the judging process. You can check all the rules here

What happens if I submit in the wrong category?
Entrants are responsible for ensuring that their entry meets all eligibility requirements and for selecting the most appropriate category for their entries. The AIPS Awards organisers reserve the right to move an entry into another category when it would be more appropriate there. In that case, you’ll be notified of a change of category.

Is there a word count, minimum or maximum, for any of the categories?
No, there’s no word limit as long as the submissions are articles. Book chapters, book prologues and book excerpts are not allowed and will not be considered.

What does proof of publication mean?
We need to verify that the submission was published and that it is valid according to the period of participation, therefore between October 8, 2019, until October 7, 2020. Proof of publication for online articles could be a link with the date visible. For print articles, a PDF of the newspaper/magazine is required, or a link with the article, if it was also published online, with the date visible.

My submission has a link, but the website has a paywall. Can I still submit it?
You need to sure that the link is fully accessible. For websites operating with registration/paywall, you need to provide a full PDF of the article, thus guaranteeing its correct access for all judges.

My article was published in print, how do I send it?
You can upload one file in your submission form. That file needs to be a PDF format (not JPEG). Please make sure that, if your article appeared in more than one page, the PDF contains the full article. Separate PDFs per page will not be accepted.

Is it possible to submit my articles if they are not in English?
While English is the official language of the Awards, you can submit articles in any language. However, translation into English is advisable since this will speed up the judging process. You can submit your work and then add an English translation at a later stage.

What happens if I don’t send an English translation?
All entries that are not in English and do not have English translation will be screened by a native speaker from the judging panel or from the respective member association of AIPS in the first phase. If judged as valuable, the entry will be translated into English via a professional service. AIPS staff might contact you in advance to see if you’d like to submit your own English translation.

What happens if the article was written by more than one journalist?
It is the responsibility of the entrant to provide complete and accurate information about the entry (including supporting documents). Therefore, if more than one journalist worked on an entry, these details need to be clearly specified in the description. Failure to inform this could result in disqualification.

Can I delete my submission or change it before the deadline?
Yes, it is possible to make amendments, add missing documents or complete missing fields. You can also delete your submission, in case you’ve decided to submit a new one.


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