From radio to podcasts, all you need to know about Audio category at the AIPS Sport Media Awards 202

  • July 10, 2020
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LAUSANNE, July 10, 2020 - The AIPS Sport Media Awards 2020 are open to submissions. Professional journalists from all over the world can participate in the nine categories, while the young reporters competing in their dedicated category will have the chance to win a scholarship to cover a top sports event.

Here is all you need to know about the audio category before submitting your best works for AIPS Sport Media Awards 2020:

Which are the main categories in the AIPS Sport Media Awards?
There are 8 main categories, as follows: two for Photography (1-Photo Action, 2-Portfolio), two for Writing (3-Best Column, 4-Best Colour Piece), one for Audio (5-Audio), three for Video (6-Short Feature, 7-Athlete Profile, 8-Documentary).

What’s the audio category about?
A submission that is either a radio report, podcast, piece of commentary or other audio submission that is not only compelling but also displays some technical innovation and quality research.

Can I send a full radio show?
Your submission should be specific. If the radio show is a special show about a subject or is dedicated to a certain topic (in a similar way to a podcast) then you can send the full show. But if your participation is a piece of commentary or an interview that was part of a radio show, then please send the audio cut, not the whole show.

My podcast about a topic is split into episodes. Can I submit more than one episode?
No, you are kindly asked to choose one episode to represent the entire series. You can specify in the description how many episodes were presented and what the other topics were.

What should I specify in the description?
First of all, what’s the submission about. The clearer the explanation, the easier it will be to judge. You can also write why do you consider it special or valuable, the difficulties you’ve faced or the potential repercussion that it brought. The more information you supply, the better.

I didn’t work on this alone. How can I submit a team entry?
While only individuals are allowed to submit (not media outlets), if two or more people participated, you must please specify your role in the description field of the submission form (ie, producer, anchor) and notify the rest of your team so they don’t submit the same story.

What are the technical requirements for submitting?
All audios should be uploaded into the platform of AIPS Sport Media Awards in a valid audio format. Links sent via WeTransfer or similar platforms will be disregarded. If audios can be found online, please provide a fully accessible link (ie. not behind a paywall).

Who are the previous winners?
In the first edition: 1) Pirmin Styrnol, Jürgen Schmidt / SWR2 (Germany) for their story about Horst Eckel, the hero of Bern 1954. 2) Aaron Kearney / ABC Radio (Australia) for Orchids Bloom. 3) Dario Ricci / Radio 24 (Italy) for Franco Nones.
In the second edition: 1) Bob Hohler / Boston Globe (USA) for Gladiator: the story about Aaron Hernandez. 2) Tracey Holmes / ABC (Australia) for Drug Cheat, the Horton vs Sun case. 3) Ronny Blaschke / Deutschlandfunk Kultur for Women’s Football, critical voices of a minority.

What are the valid dates for participating in this year’s edition?
Only entries aired between 8 October 2019, and 7 October 2020 will be accepted.
Will I have to send a supporting document with the transcript?
In the event of qualifying for the final round, a full transcript of the audio in the language it was submitted could be asked to you.

Can I submit in any language?
The official language of the Awards is English, but you can submit in any language. An English translation is advisable, but not customary.

What happen if I don’t send an English transcript of my submission?
All non-English submissions that do not have an English translation will be screened by a native speaker belonging to the screening panel of experts, the Executive Committee, the Jury or a representative of the respective national association. If found valuable, it will be fully translated to English via a professional service.

What are the prizes?
Winners of each main category, including audio, will receive a US$ 8,000 prize plus a commemorative trophy. Second-placed will earn US$ 3,000 and third-placed, US$ 2,000.

How many submissions per person are allowed?
Only two submissions per person are allowed. All submissions must be sent using the website, Each submission must be sent in a separate entry form.

Can I participate in two different categories?
You can, as long as your participation complies with the Rules of participation.

Can I send the two submissions in the same entry form?
No. Each submission should be made in a separate entry form, informing title, a short intro, link (if applicable) and supporting material (proof of publication, translation, PDFs, audio or video files). If two submissions are found in the same entry form before the deadline, users will be asked to correct it. If two or more submissions are found in the same form after the deadline, they will not be taken into consideration.

Do I have to be a member of AIPS in order to participate?
No, AIPS membership is not required. Participation is open to all professional journalists, video makers and photographers, from the 160 countries represented in the AIPS structure.


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