30 days left! The AIPS Sport Media Awards are receiving works from around the world as submissions reach decisive month

  • September 07, 2019

Amazing stories, stunning pictures, profound documentaries and in-depth audio files are coming day after day from every corner of the world, as the race for the AIPS Sport Media Awards enters its last decisive month.

There are still 30 days to submit your work and participate in the second edition of the first international prize for sport journalism, a unique opportunity to earn recognition for achievements in writing, photography, audio and video.

The Awards constitute a truly global festival of sport storytelling, allowing every reporter, photographer and videographer to participate and to be ranked among the world’s best.

Sport journalism is vital for spreading the word about the world’s most successful athletes and teams, and for offering inspirational stories about victories and defeats, tales of sacrifice and tears.

However, recognition to these journalists that told these stories was limited, almost non-existing. There was not a global award that could sum up the world’s best sport storytellers in one night. Until now.

The AIPS Sport Media Awards give visibility to our profession and prestige to our colleagues, no matter if they are employees or freelancers, if they work for a big media group or for a small newspaper. In times of crisis, it is an essential measure to keep celebrating sport media excellence and the men and women that make it possible.

This is a cornerstone initiative of AIPS, the International Sport Press Association, as we continue to celebrate those professionals that produce the best and most creative content worldwide.

The Awards are currently on the second edition, after a compelling ceremony broadcast on live television in Lausanne 2019, with IOC president Thomas Bach delivering the opening speech, and 1273 of 119 countries represented across 8 main categories.

Submission is free and can be made in any language. Each individual can submit up to two works, if they were published/broadcast between 18 September 2018 and 7 October 2019.

Prizes are US$ 8,000 per winner, US$ 3,000 and 2,000 for second and third placed, plus a trip to Budapest to attend the gala ceremony in Februrary 2020.

Submission deadline is October 7, 18:00 CET.

Sport is a valuable tool for education and culture and AIPS defends the importance of quality reporting, bringing quality stories. From football to cricket, from athletics to surf, from gymnastics to wresting, cycling or boxing, every sport is represented and has equal chances of winning.


There are 8 main categories:

-Photography Action Picture

-Photography Portfolio (3-5 pictures)

-Writing Best Column

-Writing Best Colour Piece


-Video Short Feature (up to 10 minutes)

-Video Documentary (from 11 minutes)

-Video Athlete Profile (from 11 minutes)

Those that were born on or after 1 January 1990 can also choose to use one of their submissions and participate in the new Young Reporter categories, divided as follows:

Best Young Reporter Under 30 for achievements in Writing

Best Young Reporter Under 30 for achievements in Photography

Best Young Reporter Under 30 for achievements in Broadcasting (Audio & Video).

Each of these three categories will produce a direct winner. Each of the winners will earn an AIPS scholarship at an international sports event.

Our website, www.aipsawards.com, is currently in 7 languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Romanian.

Submission is a very simple procedure. You can register and complete the two submissions in less than 10 minutes.


1) Sign in (or log-in if you’ve already created an account) www.aipsawards.com 

2) Complete your personal profile.

3) Click 'Add submission'.

4) Select category and sub-category.

5) Put a title, description and upload link, pdf or file.

6) Submit

7) You can create a second submission by repeating the procedure from 3).

For more information on how to submit, you can check this article: https://www.aipsawards.com/single-news?id=104 



What you need to know about AIPS Sport Media Awards: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFgm1MC0x88

2018 edition trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGTYb1jtsjA

2018 winners quotes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvSbrS1p43E


100 facts about the AIPS Sport Media Awards https://www.aipsawards.com/single-news?id=102

2018 winners: https://www.aipsawards.com/podium

For more information, AIPS Sport Media Awards are also present on dedicated social media accounts: @aipsawards on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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