AIPS Sport Media Awards 2020: Writing Best Column Longlist

  • February 05, 2021

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LAUSANNE, February 5, 2021 - AIPS is proud to announce the AIPS Sport Media Awards 2020 Writing Best Column Longlist in alphabetical order of country. Find out more about the voting stages here.

L'AIPS est heureux de vous annoncer la longue liste des nominés dans la catégorie meilleure Chronique écrite dans l'ordre alphabétique de pays. Veuillez trouver plus d'informations sur les étapes du vote ICI

AIPS se complace en anunciar la lista preliminar de clasificados (longlist) en Prensa Escrita Mejor Columna, en orden alfabético por país. Más información sobre las etapas de votación acá


يفخر الاتحاد الدولي للصحافة الرياضية بالإعلان عن القائمة المطولة لفئة الكتابة - افضل عمود لجوائزه لعام 2020 مرتبة ترتيباً ابجدياً حسب اسم الدولة.

تعرف المزيد حول مراحل التصويت هنا.


Maher Mezahi (Algeria) Why are there no African coaches in Europe’s top football leagues? - African Arguments

Carlos Arasaki (Argentina) Messi, LeBron, Nadal and Maradona, left-handed talents with a common distribution: crossed laterality -

Sabrina Faija (Argentina) Refuge from male chauvinist and violence: why it costs to achieve the deconstruction of football - Clarin

Martin Macchiavello (Argentina) What you’ve never been told about Heysel disaster - Diario Deportivo Olé

Roberto Parrottino (Argentina) Juvenile suicides: when there is no way out between the pressure to reach First Division and the disappointment to be released - Tiempo Argentino

Tracey Holmes (Australia) Postponing Tokyo Olympics due to coronavirus pandemic begins year of tough adjustments for sporting world - ABC

Samantha Lewis (Australia) W-League grand final offered an answer to football's existential question – The Guardian

Esteban Abarzua (Chile) We used our love so much it broke - Las Últimas Noticias

Cristian Arcos (Chile) We were so happy and we knew it - The Clinic

Yujia Dou (China) He took a shot put to the frontline of the war on COVID-19 - Track & Field Camp

Nan Zhang (China) Lin Dan’s wish: Never fall off - Tencent

Juntao Zhou (China) China wheelchair basketball: From REAL to real - Netease

Fanis Makrides (Cyprus) Cyprus Football in the shadows: Hidden companies in the Virgin Islands and the Seychelles with contracts worth millions - ToThemaOnline

John Lester Idrovo (Ecuador) Covid-19: Don’t take football - Facebook Fuera del Campo TV

Panos Kostopoulos (Greece) The desert, a fence and a constant battle against racism: the Iñaki Williams story - These Football Times

Vasilis Sambrakos (Greece) Kenteris Thanou: Why they did not run, while they could, in 2004. And why still they are silent -

Vineet Malhotra (India) Dhoni rides into the sunset - The Sunday Guardian

Abhishek Paul (India) China footprint large on Indian sport - Hindustan Times

Snehal Pradhan (India) What it's like being married to your captain - The Nightwatchman

Shantanu Srivastava (India) MS Dhoni retires: Cricketing legend and inscrutable enigma who launched a million middle class dreams -

Anand Vasu (India) The finisher ends: Mahendra Singh Dhoni, cricket’s great outsider - The Economic Times

Afsoon Hazrati (Iran) We belong to “THIS” football - Zanan-e-Emrooz

Emanuela Audisio (Italy) Alex Zanardi: The Superman of the Via Emilia who forced pity to turn away - La Repubblica

Lorenzo Longhi (Italy) The dark side of Italy 90 World Cup - Treccani

Samuel Gacharira (Kenya) Shame of FKF's 'joyriders' to Afcon tourney and new Sh240m scandal - Daily Nation

Petz Lahure (Luxembourg) The attempted rescue of Tokyo 2020, Tageblatt

Rajes Paul (Malaysia) Giant who cared for the little people - The Star

Vikneswaran Raman (Malaysia) Why the fuss over Olympic sports at Vietnam SEA Games? - Bernama, Malaysian National News Agency

Avineshwaran Taharumalengam (Malaysia) Kick out the racists in football - The Star Media Group

Loanny Picado (Nicaragua) Playing with death among a Pandemic

Solace Chukwu (Nigeria) Can an African team ever challenge for the World Cup again? - Goal

Andreea Giuclea (Romania) How do we reconcile the legend of Kobe Bryant with sexual abuse allegations -

Inocențiu Voinea (Romania) Fame or celebrity? - Magazin Olimpic

Alexey Avdokhin (Russia) Now the world is sure that Russian sport is a complete fraud. And this is true -

Adrian Ephraim (South Africa) Down to the detail - The unbearable whiteness of cricket - Eyewitness News

Daniel Gallan (South Africa) South Africa World Cup win is a beacon of hope but it doesn’t change problems that still grip a nation - London Evening Standard

Enrique Ballester (Spain) The home football pitch - El Periódico de Catalunya

Dina Asher-Smith (UK) Think racism hasn’t affected me? It’s there almost every day - The Telegraph, Women's Sport Monthly

Oliver Brown (UK) Greatest loss is sport's inability to provide joy in dark times - The Daily Telegraph

Jason Burt (UK) Rashford's intelligent activism puts society and Government to shame - The Daily Telegraph

Matthew Campelli (UK) Sport should examine its role in ‘The Great Reset’ movement - The Sustainability Report

Andrew Downie (UK) Pelé at 80: A true great battling for due supremacy in the era of Lionel Messi - The Times

Amer Malik (UK) My exclusive interview with Wasim Khan -

Steve Menary (UK) Friendly matches between clubs are wide open for match-fixing -

Steven Price (UK) Now might be the perfect time to buy Newcastle United -

Suzanne Wrack (UK) What Sergio Agüero did to Sian Massey-Ellis was not OK, just ask any woman - The Guardian

Alan Abrahamson (USA) This year of living dangerously, and surely the Olympics can and should be reimagined -

Erica Block (USA) A pitch got away from Ben Heller. Why was the Yankees’ reliever ejected? - Pinstripe Alley

Eddie Comeaux (USA) Five ways to advance racial justice in college sports - Forbes

Paul Fein (USA) Right criteria to pick the tennis GOAT - Sportstar magazine; Life without tennis during a pandemic - Sportstar magazine

Dvora Meyers (USA) The podcast ‘Heavy Medals’ examines how the Karolyis built a Texas gymnastics powerhouse - Texas Monthly

Rich Perelman (USA) LANE ONE: After 79 years, the Paralympic Games deserves to have the world stage to itself…in 2027 -

Ari Schneider (USA) Gender Bias: Nonbinary climbers sound off on discrimination in climbing - Climbing Magazine

Steven Selthoffer (USA) Deep state: deep inside Olympic Sports-Sun Yang vs WADA - Sport Integrity Initiative UK

Juan Sayago (Venezuela) The strength of Israel Rubio, today from exile - Triángulo Deportivo

Mohammed Al Awlaqi (Yemen) In the times of war and Corona... Yemen’s juniors are the last hope to confront a vicious death attack – Tooofa; Football in the time of Corona, expectation VS reality - Tooofa

Ebrahim Mousa (Yemen) Arab Football is weak, and the secret is in the base -


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