AIPS Sport Media Awards 2020 - Audio Top 10

  • March 08, 2021

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LAUSANNE, March 8, 2021 - AIPS is proud to announce the AIPS Sport Media Awards 2020 Audio Top 10 in alphabetical order of country. Find out more about the voting stages here.

L'AIPS est heureux de vous annoncer la liste des 10 premiers nominés dans la catégorie Audio dans l'ordre alphabétique de pays. Veuillez trouver plus d'informations sur les étapes du vote ICI.

AIPS se complace en anunciar los 10 mejores en Audio, en orden alfabético por país. Más información sobre las etapas de votación acá.



Tracey Holmes (Australia), The Ticket - Black Lives Matter and Athletes' Right to Protest - ABC

Laura Ruiz (Colombia), Women and football - Colmundo Radio

Ronny Blaschke (Germany), "World Games" – Sports and Colonialism // Series 12 - Deutschlandfunk

Moritz Cassalette (Germany), Enke-life and tragedy of a goalkeeper - NDR2, Norddeutscher Rundfunk

Dario Ricci (Italy), Italy 4 – 3 West Germany: The match of an entire nation - Radio24-IlSole24Ore

Youssouph Bodian (Senegal), In the den of the dragons from Deny where Rugby is a springboard to go from the street to raising the national flag at the top level - RFM Dakar

Boštjan Reberšak and Franci Pavšer (Slovenia), Back to the future: Mt. Everest - RTV Slovenija, Radio Slovenija, Val202

Pablo Juanarena (Spain), How long does mourning have to last? Sport has the answer - MARCA

Edward Knowles (UK), Olympic Channel Podcast: Surya Bonaly-a figure skating pioneer on discrimination and backflips - Olympic Channel

Sanny Rudravajhala and Mark Crossley (UK), Out of our League - BBC Radio Manchester, BBC Sounds


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