AIPS Sport Media Awards to be held in the magnificent Stables of Vigevano Castle

  • March 15, 2021

Castello Sforzesco di Vigevano, Pavia, Italy

AIPS Media

LAUSANNE, March 15, 2021 – In just a week from today, the amazing journey of the AIPS Sport Media Awards 2020 will culminate with a virtual ceremony to be staged in one of the symbolic places of Italian Renaissance, the magnificent Stables of Vigevano Castle, on Monday, March 22, at 7:30 pm CET.
A cinematic aerial shot of the Piazza Ducale will lead viewers to the unique stable-turned-stage for the third edition of the prestigious international accolade, which attracted a record 1871 submissions from all corners of the world between April and November 2020 in the following categories: Photography (Sport Action, Portfolio), Video (Athlete Profile, Documentary, Short Feature), Writing (Best Colour Piece, Best Column), Audio, Young Reporters (Broadcasting, Photography, Writing).

 The Stables in Vigevano Castle. (Photo by Getty Images)

HOSTS AIPS Secretary General Jura Ozmec and AIPS Executive Committee member Zsusza Czisztu, who are well-known faces of national television in the Croatia and Hungary respectively, will connect from studios in Zagreb and Budapest as hosts of the ceremony, while AIPS president Gianni Merlo will be the host in Vigevano, his hometown.


LIVE BROADCAST The event will be broadcast live on the AIPS Media website - with simultaneous translation in four languages ​​(English, French, Spanish, Arabic), the AIPS Media Youtube channel, the AIPS Media 1924 Facebook page and on Al Kass Sport Channels TV channel,.

PRIZES The eight senior categories in Photography (Action, Portfolio), Writing (Best Column, Best Colour Piece), Audio and Video (Short Feature, Athlete Profile, Documentary) offer a total sum of 104,000 US Dollars (US$, 8,000 per winner, US$, 3,000 for the second-placed and US$ 2,000 for the third-placed).

The Young Reporter Under 30 categories (Broadcasting, Photography and Writing) will reward three journalists with a scholarship to an international sporting event.


SPECIAL AWARDS Among the novelties of this particular edition, special awards will be presented to those who have been able to better interpret the difficulties of sport during the pandemic across all the categories. This is in addition to the special awards that recognise Investigative Reporting and A Life in Sport. Born on March 19, 1920, Colombian sports journalist Chelo De Castro, who is still active in sports journalism till date, will be honoured with the A Life in Sport award.



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