AIPS Sport Media Awards 2020: The Top 3

  • March 21, 2021

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LAUSANNE, March 21, 2021 - The circle is closing and the special night is literally around the corner. As the medieval castle of Vigevano, Italy, gets ready for an unforgettable evening, the AIPS Sport Media Awards are delighted to announce the nominees for the podium of the 2020 edition.

The path to sport media excellence is not easy. Out of the 1871 works received in this edition, these are the remaining 33. Their journey to reach the podium has been remarkable, after being selected in five different voting stages. They definitely deserve the credit.

The final positions will be announced in the ceremony of March 22, 19:30 Central European Time.

Winners of each senior category will receive US$ 8,000 (1st prize), US$ 3,000 (2nd prize) and US$ 2,000 (3rd prize).

The fifth voting stage was probably the most difficult one, given the high quality of the works that reached the Top 5. The Jury of the AIPS Awards wishes to extend sincere congratulations to the rest of the finalists. After the ceremony, the top 10 for each category. Continental rankings will also be published within the week.

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Here are the nominees, listed in alphabetical order:

Photography Sport Action

Eduardo Alvarez del Fresno (Spain) Until the Last Breath (Zuma Press)

Andrew Bernstein (USA) LeBron Walking On Air (NBAE/Getty Images)

Andrezj Grygiel (Poland) Crash (Polish Press Agency)


Photography Portfolio

Clive Brunskill (UK) Kings & Queens of Swing (Getty Images)

Adam Pretty (Australia) Climbings Olympic debut (Getty Images)

Roman Vondrouš (Czech Rep.) Football fans of Bohemians Prague during the covid pandemic (Czech News Agency)


Video Documentary

Jean Marie Goussard (France) Red Blood (Canal+)

Louis Myles (UK) Stop the Tour (BT Sport)

Hajo Seppelt + Grit Hartmann, Nick Butler (Germany) Doping Top Secret: "The Lord of the Lifters. The Destruction of an Olympic sport” (ARD Sportschau)


Video Athlete Profile

Pierre Deprez (Belgium) Piotr Van Montagu: an archer (not) like the others (RTBF)

Lewis Johnson (USA) Gift of Life (NBC)

Jermain Raffington, Peta Jenkin and Mehdi Benhadj-Djilali (Germany), Sadio Mané - Made in Senegal -


Video Short Feature

Hassen Guedioura (France) Ines Ibbou’s open letter to Dominic Thiem (MAGTEAM)

Stuart Pollitt (UK) Rob Burrow: my year with MND (BBC Breakfast)

David Sandona (France) Thierry Corbalan, the Corsican Dolphin (France Television)


Writing Best Colour Piece

Julian Linden + Jessica Halloran (Australia) Katia’s story: On Thin Ice (The Daily Telegraph)

Bernt Jakob Oksnes (Norway) Mom is Dying (Dagbladet)

Lars Spannagel (Germany) Die Zeit ist reif (The Time is Ripe) (Der Tagesspiegel)


Writing Best Column

Dina Asher-Smith (UK) “We can all bring change - speak out, be anti racist” (The Telegraph, Women’s Sport Monthly)

Alexey Avdokhin (Russia) Now the World is sure that Russian sport is a complete fraud. And this is true. (

Andreea Giuclea (Romania) How do we reconcile the legend of Kobe Bryant with sexual abuse allegations (



Moritz Cassalette (Germany) Enke - life and tragedy of a goalkeeper (NDR2)

Tracey Holmes (Australia) The Ticket - Black Lives Matter and Athletes' Right to Protest (ABC)

Dario Ricci (Italy) Italy 4 – 3 West Germany: The Match Of An Entire Nation (Radio24)


Young Reporter Photo*

Filipe Amorim (Portugal) It’s all about determination (The Guardian)

Anna Szilágyi (Hungary) European Champions (

Zhenbin Zhong (China) Symmetrical Movement (Imagine China)


Young Reporter Broadcasting*

Wan Muiz (Malaysia) 10 centimetres (Astro Arena)

Alondra Naupari (Peru) Sand track (Zona Mixta Perú)

Clarisse Sih (Cameroon) Karate Tai Sabaki, more than meets the eyes (Cameroon Radio Television)


Young Reporter Writing*

Danielle Allentuck (USA) For 16 Transgender Hockey Players, a Groundbreaking Weekend (The New York Times)

Ari Schneider (USA) Two Climbers. Best Friends. Only one ticket to the Olympics (The New York Times)

Fiona Thomas (UK) Special Report: The damaging effects of concussion on our sportswomen (The Telegraph, Women’s Sport Monthly)


*No podium in these categories, just one winner.


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