AIPS Sport Media Awards 2020: Top ranked submissions in America

  • April 02, 2021

AIPS Media

LAUSANNE, April 2, 2021 - Following the immense success of the third edition of the AIPS Sport Media Awards, AIPS is honored to share the official ranking of the top submissions from each continent across the different categories, as an acknowledgment of sports media worldwide.
The Awards submissions included an inspiring level of journalistic content from across five continents, culminating in a hybrid digital ceremony of storytelling excellence in Vigevano on March 22, 2021.
The third edition of the AIPS Awards received an outstanding total of 1871 submissions from 129 nations around the globe. In submitting their work for consideration for the nine categories, colleagues from across the globe engaged in a dialogue of sporting journalism. Such dialogue is crucial in highlighting the importance of our profession and the need to invest in its culture and independence.

COVID SPECIAL MENTION As was the case during the awards ceremony on March 22, the best COVID-19-related submissions in each continent will be published next week, in recognition of the entries that interpret the difficulties of sport during the pandemic across all categories.

Read all about the winners of the AIPS Sport Media Awards 2020 here.

Below are the top submissions of the AIPS Sport Media Awards from AMERICA.

*The list may contain more than 10 submissions because of ties after the vote.


1. Laura Ruiz (Colombia), Women and football - Colmundo Radio
2. Milena Gimon (Venezuela), Transsexuality in sport - Podcast fuera de lugar
3. Fausto Pérez Villarreal and Estewil Quesada (Colombia), Chelo de Castro, a century of life, 75 years of sports journalism - Emisora Caribe Radio Online
4. Felipe Antonio Zarruk Diazgranados (Colombia), What the devil took away - Extratiempo Radio
4. Emiliano Nunia (Argentina), Julio César Chávez and the day he tried to kill himself because of his addictions and the bullet came out - Radio Villa Trinidad - Super Deportivo Radio
6. Greg Larnerd (USA), The word with G: The grind of sports media, how they got there - The word with G on ESPN1420
6. Cristian Arcos (Chile), 2010. The year that happened to all of us - Radio ADN Chile
8. Guifor Trujillo (Ecuador), Interview with an athlete with special abilities. Juan Pablo Andrade - Radio La Voz del Tomebamba de Cuenca
8. Analía Fernández Fuks (Argentina), Constanza Garrone: "Not only do I suffer discrimination because I am a woman but because of my disability" - FM La Tribu
8. Santiago Aristizábal Pino (Colombia), The precious miracle of Junior - Podcast Fútbol Sonoro
8. Bob Harkins (USA), The Stars Aligned - Razed Sports

1. Luis Henry Agudelo Cano (Colombia), The decisive moment – Facebook HenryAgudelo Photojournalist
2. Christian Petersen (USA), Sports Portfolio - Getty Images
3. Yuri Cortez (El Salvador), Dreaming of the home run - AFP
4. German Paez (Argentina), Portfolio - Instagram @german.paez.fotografo
5. José Rodrigo Navarro (Guatemala), "La Vuelta a Guatemala" unforgettable postcards - Antorcha Deportiva
5. Elsa Garrison (USA), North American sport - Getty Images
7. Patrick Smith (USA), Sports shuttered - Covid-19 - Getty Images
7. Raúl Martínez (Venezuela), Against all odds - Agencia EFE
9. Mike Cahill (USA), Senior year shots – Instagram Mikecahill5
10. Alfredo Gutierrez Rodriguez (Colombia), In the action of the sports -

1. Andrew Bernstein (USA), LeBron walking on air - The Athletic
2. Joe Toth (USA), The winter youth Olympic Games, Lausanne, Switzerland - OIS
3. Christian Petersen (USA), Sunset Rose - Getty Images
4. Antonio Lacerda (Brazil), Brazil Coronavirus - Agency EFE
4. Ezra Shaw (USA), Full House - Getty Images
6. Haron Forteau (Grenada), Celebratory Goal - Grenada Football Association
6. Patrick Smith (USA), Face foul - Getty Images
6. Bruce Bennett (USA), Boychuk to the Defense – Getty Images
9. Darry Fredling (Haiti), The ultimate ball reception - Darry Le Photographe
9. German David Davila Chaparro (Colombia), Golden point - Cali es Deporte
9. German Garcia Adrasti (Argentina), Sumo training - Diario Clarin
9. Fernando Ponzetto (Uruguay), By a head - Diario El Pais
9. Ricardo Lopez Hevia (Cuba), At the height of the sun - Periódico Granma

1. Lewis Johnson (USA), Gift of life – NBC Sports/ USA Track & Field TV
2. Yodeni Masó Aguila (Cuba), The mythical 3 - Cubavisión Internacional
3. Milagros Loayza Salazar (Peru), Breed of Footballer: Miryam Tristán - Mujeres Fútbol Club
4. Carlos Buitrago Pinto (Colombia), I wore the yellow shirt - En Primera Persona
5. Maria Eugenia Mastri (Argentina), "Vicky" Woodward, maximum speed, maximum constancy - LA VOZ DEL INTERIOR
5. Faustina Bartaburu (Uruguay), Milton Wynants: 20 years after the Olympic medal - El País Uruguay
5. Mariano Naranjo (Peru), Cristhian Pacheco searching for gold - BHTV Deportes
8. Veronica Bianchi (Chile), The best of the decade: Esteban Paredes - CDF canal del fútbol
9. Jesús Albeiro Manjarres Hincapié (Colombia), Jefferson Pérez Athlete Profile - Carrusel del deporte
9. Samuel Estrada Carmona (Mexico), Ale Zavala synonymous of sport shooting -

1. Joe Heslinga (USA), Foosballers - ESPN
2. Marcio Iannacca Pinto da Silva (Brazil), Pelé 80 years - Tv Globo Brazil
3. Sérgio Rangel and Fred Justo (Brazil), Mafia on the field - How a criminal organisation fixed soccer scores to make money and profaned Brazil’s biggest passion - Tv Globo Brazil
4. José Brito de Souza Neto (Brazil), Abuses in swimming - CNN Brazil
5. Mark Bassant (Trinidad And Tobago), TTFA's secret Panama trail - Guardian Media Limited- CNC 3 News television
5. Marcelo Courrege (Brazil), Yes, we can swim - TV Globo Brazil
7. Marco Cumsille (Chile), MemorabiBlia - Canal del Fútbol Chile (CDF)
7. Eduardo Rivas (Uruguay), Maracaná from the soul - Canal 4
9. Marcos Grunfeld (Venezuela), Together 10 years later - The Beatwriter
9. Stephania Montero (Colombia), Synchrony for a dream - Federación Colombiana de Natación

1. Jonah Javad (USA), A League of their own - WFAA-TV
2. Dustin Webb (USA), Emotional saints fan - D&G Productions
3. Christian Rodrigo Pérez Acosta (Paraguay), Iván Cazal, the story of the inland boy - Versus Paraguay - Diario La Nación
4. Eugenia Károlyi Popcev (Venezuela), Baseball5 Open of Americas - WBSC/Gametime Sport
4. Andrew Clay (USA), KATC sports presents/Defining Rei Park - KATC-TV3
6. Desney Romeo (Suriname), Simson's gym fighting Covid-19 - ABC Tv
6. Karsten Rivas (El Salvador), Soccer, a show - Football
6. Santiago Ramirez Londoño (Colombia), Gymnasts in a courtyard - Telemedellín
6. Erin Fish (USA), The power of Ted - Boston College Athletics
6. Juan Pupiales (Colombia), Tokyo 2020, a dream marked by the pandemic - France 24

1. Jose Encarnacion (Puerto Rico), Selling dreams to Puerto Rico's young ballplayers - Centro de Periodismo Investigativo (CPI)
2. Britt Ghiroli (USA), #MoStrong: The boy who inspired athletes and rallied a city - The Athletic
3. Marcus Alves (Brazil), The unwanted 'Gay No. 24 Shirt' and Brazil's homophobia problem in football - Bleacher Report
4. Sebastian Ignacio Torok (Argentina), "I lied." The confession of former tennis player Mariano Puerta 15 years after doping in the Roland - Diario La Nacion
5. Peggy Shinn (USA), The deep end: The history of pool access for Black Americans & what team USA Athletes are doing to get more kids of color into the pool -
5. Pablo Calvo (Argentina), The moving search for the lost met of the first World Cup goal - Revista Viva
7. Dvora Meyers (USA), Simone Biles would like to thank herself - Vice News
7. Ayelen Pujol (Argentina), The story of Marcos Rojo, the first trans male of Argentinian football - La Nación
7. Mauricio Codocea (Argentina), How does the "Argentine Kenyan factory" work in Tucumán at 2,000 meters high - Diario Clarín
7. Elton de Castro (Brazil), Unprecedented survey: Almost half of black athletes from Series A, B and C suffered racism in football -
7. Carlos González Lucay (Chile), The last match of Sebastián - La Tercera
7. Jorge Señorans (Uruguay), The solidarity of starving Uruguayans - Elblogdesenorans.blogspot

1. Eddie Comeaux (USA), Five ways to advance racial justice in college sports - Forbes
2. Loanny Picado (Nicaragua), Playing with death among a pandemic - La Lupa
3. Alan Abrahamson (USA), This year of living dangerously, and surely the Olympics can and should be reimagined -
4. Roberto Parrottino (Argentina), Juvenile suicides: When there is no way out between the pressure to reach First Division and the disappointment to be released - Tiempo Argentino
5. Esteban Abarzua (Chile), We used our love so much it broke - Las Ultimas Noticias
5. Juan Sayago (Venezuela), The strength of Israel Rubio, today from exile - Triángulo Deportivo
5. Martin Macchiavello (Argentina), What you’ve never been told about Heysel disaster - Diario Deportivo Olé
8. Rich Perelman (USA), Lane One: After 79 years, the Paralympic Games deserves to have the world stage to itself…in 2027 -
9. Erica Block (USA), A pitch got away from Ben Heller. Why was the Yankees’ reliever ejected? - Pinstripe Alley
9. Steven Selthoffer (USA), Deep state deep inside olympic sports: Sun Yang vs WADA - Sport Integrity Initiative UK

1. Alondra Naupari (Peru), Sand track - The story of Víctor Chávez - Zona Mixta Perú
2. Vasilios Nikolaou (USA), The Extra Point Show #12: Mark Gunnels - The Extra Point Show
3. Paloma Gutiérrez (Mexico), The Zamboni driver - IOC Young Reporters
4. Daniela Paniagua Jiménez (Colombia), Sports and war in Colombia, two sides of the same coin - Acord Antioquia
4. Allan Ariel Agustin Rodriguez (Guatemala), Interview to Daniela Andrade, the first openly gay player in Guatemala - Distrito Deportivo
6. Patricio Alvarez (Ecuador), World Half Marathon championship Gdynia 2020 - Alvarez Films
7. Diego Rodriguez (Chile), “Pelusa” of the people: Soccer and controversies of Diego Armando Maradona on his 60th birthday - ADN Radio Chile
8. Constanza Stadella (Chile), Audax Italiano v/s Dep Iquique - Jugados
9. Alejandro León Sandoval (Colombia), The Colombian chalanería - Polideportes
10. Ignacio Lotitto (Argentina), Interview with the referee Jorge Baliño - Escuela ETER

1. Lucas Marinelli (Argentina), Flying across the mountains - Flickr IOC Young Reporters
2. Fátima Martínez (Paraguay), Over the rings - IOC Young Reporters Programme
3. Ladyrene Pérez Pérez (Cuba), Marabana 2019 - Cubadebate
4. Vinicius Do Prado (Brazil), CO19 - Agencia F8
5. Mike Cahill (USA), Spotlight smiles – Instagram

1. Ari Schneider (USA), Two climbers. Best friends. Only one ticket to the Olympics. - The New York Times
2. Danielle Allentuck (USA), For 16 transgender hockey players, a groundbreaking weekend - The New York Times
3. Kai Dambach (USA), USA goalkeeper Zack Steffen on Black Lives Matter: If you're silent, you're against us - Deutsche Welle
4. Darcy Borrero (Cuba), Heydi Abreu, the Cuban judoka who left the mat on the Texas highway
- Distintas Latitudes
5. Andrea Hernández Gutiérrez (Chile), Let those who want come in - Círculo de Periodistas Deportivos
6. Carolina Mitriani (Argentina), Micaela García: The femicide of an athlete who became a symbol of struggle - Radio Noba
7. Rodrigo Huerta (Chile), The five hours of terror that a former Colo Colo lived through the Israeli-Palestinian conflict - AS Chile
8. Rudy Martínez (Guatemala), Henry López, the World Cup player who breaks the silence and tells the story of his sudden goodbye - ESPN
8. Narissa Fraser (Trinidad And Tobago), Andrew Lewis commands the Caribbean Sea - Daily News Ltd/Trinidad and Tobago Newsday
8. Jeremias Rodriguez Albert (Argentina), He faced terrorists at the age of 14, crossed Europe hidden for 30 hours in a truck and today he dreams to become a footballer - Infobae


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