AIPS Sport Media Awards 2020: Top ranked submissions in Asia

  • April 03, 2021

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LAUSANNE, April 3, 2021 - Following the immense success of the third edition of the AIPS Sport Media Awards, AIPS is honoured to share the official ranking of the top submissions from each continent across the different categories, as an acknowledgment of sports media worldwide.

The Awards submissions included an inspiring level of journalistic content from across five continents, culminating in a hybrid digital ceremony of storytelling excellence in Vigevano on March 22, 2021.

The third edition of the AIPS Awards received an outstanding total of 1871 submissions from 129 nations around the globe. In submitting their work for consideration for the nine categories, colleagues from across the globe engaged in a dialogue that is crucial in highlighting the importance of our profession and the need to invest in its culture and independence.

COVID SPECIAL MENTION As was the case during the awards ceremony on March 22, the best COVID-19-related submissions in each continent will be published next week, in recognition of the entries that interpret the difficulties of sport during the pandemic across all categories.

Read all about the winners of the AIPS Sport Media Awards 2020 here.

Below are the top submissions of the AIPS Sport Media Awards from ASIA.

*The list may contain more than 10 submissions because of ties after the vote.

1. Weiling Wu (China), Girls' football dream on the grassland of Southern Gansu - Xinhua News Agency
2. Shahram Zeinolabedini (Iran), Chivalrous - Radio
3. Abid Rashid Baba (India), Sport in the time of Corona - YouTube

1. Toh Leng (Singapore), Al Adaid desert challenge - Facebook
2. Maryam Majd (Iran), Fight with an unknown opponent - Iran Varzeshi
3. Manan Vatsyayana (India), Not just tennis - AFP
4. Amit Chakravarty (India), Soccer in the hood - Indian Express
4. Yan Han (China), World Number 1 - Xinhua News Agency
6. Shin Wei Chang (Chinese Taipei), Break the silence loudly and free - Central News Agency
6. Adnan Osman (Malaysia), Spectrum: The new norms of athletes - NSTP/Harian Metro
8. Faisal Alloughani (Kuwait), Sport Spirit - Sportspirit
9. Ahmad Moeini Jam (Iran), Unequal competition - Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA)
9. Zhenbin Zhong (China), Chiang Rai grassroots football under the sand - ImagineChina
9. Ganbat Chuluunbaatar (Mongolia), Race day! - Mongolian Sports Press Union
9. Adnan El Hage Ali (Lebanon), Football hope despite COVID19 - AFP

1. Manjunath Kiran (India), Spring in the step - NDTV Sports
2. Lili Wang (China), Broken Pole - Xinhua News Agency
3. Hussein Faleh (Iraq), More than a game! - AS
4. Kunal Patil (India), Cricket on railway tracks - Press Trust of India
5. Lide Zhang (China), Pa Thalia, the name of "Venus and one-armed man in table tennis" -
6. Ayman Alqadi (Yemen), Fierce competition – Facebook Ayman Alqadi
7. Joseph Eid (Lebanon), Sherazade Mami finds a way to keep on training on the rooftop - AFP
8. Atul Kamble (India), Monsoon cricket - Mid-day
8. Parto Joghataee (Iran), Women's sport -
8. Fazry Ismail (Malaysia), The couples VS Valentino Rossi - EPA
8. Faisal Alloughani (Kuwait), Breath - Sportspirit

1. Maziyar Koopidar (Iran), Don’t tell me I can’t - Youtube
2. Zabihullah Shahzaad (Afghanistan), From out of a city with full of smoke and fire, he dreams of going to the UFC (Ismail Haidary) - Afghanistan Sport Journalists Federation

1. Nan Shen (China), Beyond the rings - Xinhua News Agency
2. Neha Sharma (India), Breaking stereotypes: The success story of Indian sportswomen - BBC Hindi
2. Bo Liu (China), Daliangshan girls flew over 2,000 kilometers, picked up a baseball and refused to repeat her mother's life - Tencent Sports
4. Sadeq Hosseini (Iran), Coronavirus impact on Iran sports and Olympics 2020 - Iran this way
5. Iyad Nasser (Syria), The sports scope - Syria Channel - Sport programs
5. Mohammad Ali (Jordan), Mourinho slaps United and Aston Villa embarrasses Liverpool - Aljazeera O2
7. Yiwei Wang (China), Beyond the ceiling - Tencent
8. Dipesh Timalsina (Nepal), Grievances behind the beautiful game - Ronbpost
9. Shamaila Salahuddin (Pakistan), Free Style Polo in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan 2020 – Vau Deville Productions
10. Hong Tao Liu (China), More than champions - Tencent

1. Yueshan Zhang (China), I, robot, ping pong - Xinhua News Agency
2. Wan Muiz (Malaysia), 10 centimetre - Astro Arena
3. Mohammad Farahpour (Iran), Best: A talent gone to waste - Football 120 TV Show - IRIB Varzesh
3. Nan Shen (China), Captain She - Xinhua News Agency
5. Mehmood Riaz (Pakistan), Koren martial art training - 24news
6. Wen Shu (China), My hometown, my motherland - Xinhua News Agency
6. Bazly Azmi (Malaysia), The stranded champion - Astro Arena Malaysia
8. Norsyarafina Nasrom (Malaysia), Isnt’ that so my lord… - Astro Arena Sdn Bhd
8. Fadi Hejazi (Palestine), Sports in the time of "Corona" - Youtube
8. Annesha Ghosh (India), Haiti makes Winter Youth Olympics debut at Lausanne 2020 - Skier Mackenson Florindo - IOC Young Reporters
8. Xinhui Huang (China), Against destiny: Boxing king with cerebral palsy guards his families - Tencent Sports
8. Vandna Vandna (India), Vinesh: The Indian Sportswoman who wrestled patriarchy to be the World Champion - BBC Hindi

1. Bin Su (China), Dare to dream! How a one-armed basketball-playing teenager from China inspired the world - Xinhua News Agency
2. Yumiko Yanai (Japan), Rikako IKEE, a 20-year-old Japanese swimmer who stands up from leukemia and told "The Secret of the secret of the heart" - Sports Graphic Number
3. Sijia Xu (China), Being human punch bag for 23 years, he turned his cerebral palsy son into a boxing champion! Uremia - Tencent
4. Arslan Sheikh (Pakistan), Coaches discussed abusing kids with pride: The dark side of Pakistan sport - The Independent
5. Ali Shadhan (Iraq), A year of disappointment: Arab football, the “aging” dreams of World Cup - Al Bayan Newspaper
6. Zhao Yu (China), Ordinary Chinese football players: A bumpy road without glory and fame - Tencent sports
6. Zhi Zheng (China), A former blind footballer's story: Running toward light - Xinhua News Agency
6. Jit Bahadur Saud (Nepal), The hustle and bustle of meeting parents for 24 years - Baahrakhari
9. Suvam Pal (India), 11-year-old Ding Ning fan set for Olympian milestone - China Global Television Network (CGTN)
9. Andrew McNicol (Hong Kong), Mental health in women’s sports: six athletes open up about their struggles - South China Morning Post
9. Abhishek Paul (India), Tales from a bio bubble as cricket set for unlock - Hindustan Times

1. Avineshwaran Taharumalengam (Malaysia), Kick out the racists in football - The Star Media Group
2. Afsoon Hazrati (Iran), We belong to “THIS” football - Zanan-e-Emrooz
3. Abhishek Paul (India), China footprint large on Indian sport - Hindustan Times
4. Juntao Zhou (China), China wheelchair basketball丨From REAL to real - Netease
5. Anand Vasu (India), The finisher ends: Mahendra Singh Dhoni, cricket’s great outsider - The Economic Times
6. Yujia Dou (China), He took a shot put to the frontline of the war on COVID-19 - Track & Field Camp
6. Vikneswaran Raman (Malaysia), Why the fuss over Olympic sports at Vietnam Sea Games? - Bernama (Malaysian National News Agency)
6. Shantanu Srivastava (India), MS Dhoni retires: Cricketing legend and inscrutable enigma who launched a million middle class dream -
9. Ebrahim Mousa (Yemen), Arab football is weak and the secret is in the core -
9. Snehal Pradhan (India), What it's like being married to your captain - Issue 30/The Nightwatchman/Wisden's Cricket Quarterly
9. Motez Bishara (Kuwait), He was born to play basketball, but for Kobe Bryant that was never enough - CNN International

1. Wan Muiz (Malaysia), 10 centimetre - Astro Arena
2. Zabihullah Shahzaad (Afghanistan), From out of a city with full of smoke and fire, he dreams of going to the UFC (Ismail Haidary) - Afghanistan Sport Journalists Federation.
3. Mohammad Farahpour (Iran), Football and coronavirus: A passion put on hold - Football 120 TV Show/IRIB Varzesh
4. Bihan Sengupta (India), As Mohun Bagan enter ISL, a legacy lost or dawn of a new era? - The Quint
4. Sid Kohli (India), Premier League x Rapid Fire - Star Sports
6. Dipesh Timalsina (Nepal), Grievances behind the beautiful game - Routine of Nepal Banda
7. Mutaz Rawashdeh (Jordan), Minister of Sports prepares to convert Prince Faisal Stadium from natural to artificial turf. Reflecting negatively on the sports sector in Al-Karak Governorate.
8. Muzamil Asif (Pakistan), Let's have a look, is NSK is ready to host the biggest cricket league? - ARY Sports
9. Doalnoreen Alharbi (Yemen), Youth sports broadcast program "International Kubba" | Season opening: Starting the third season from the womb of suffering from coronavirus.

1. Zhenbin Zhong (China), Symmetrical moment - ImagineChina
2. Dingbo Meng (China), UEFA Champions League: Atletico Madrid vs. RB Salzburg - Xinhua Net
3. Alsajjad Alsalam (Saudi Arabia), Passion – Twitter Mudharclub
3. Alireza Zeinali (Iran), Scream of freedom -
5. Subas Humagain (Nepal), Pratibha Mali of Hongwanji New Diamond reacts as she is stretchered off -

1. Wufei Yu (China), China has amazing rock climbing. But will racism keep people away? - Outside Magazine
2. Arslan Sheikh (Pakistan), Coaches discussed abusing kids with pride: The dark side of Pakistan sport - The Independent
3. Baraah El Hasan (Lebanon), Football cries for the darkness of Beirut -
3. Zhou Yan (China), Wu Lei this year: Learn from the past, pass the barrier and go through the calamity - Tencent Sports
5. Christel Saneh (Lebanon), Embracing Beirut: How the city’s running community has coped with the trauma left in the tragic blas - World Athletics
6. Meng Wang (China), Running towards light - Story of a cancer-riddled marathon runner - Xinhua News Agency
7. Aaryanshi Mohan (India), eSports and Olympics: Evolutionary dilemma gets real in virtual world - NEWSClick
8. Gaurav Phuyal (Nepal), Nepali football was 'corrupt' before getting contacted by organised match-fixers -
8. Beatrice Lauren Go (Philippines), How Carlos Yulo tumbled to success - Rappler
8. Liang Jiamin (China), Goodbye Uzi! From a crazy boy to a true team spirit, thanks for the 2796 days - Tencent sports


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