AIPS Sport Media Awards 2020: top ranked submissions in Europe

  • April 04, 2021
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LAUSANNE, April 4, 2021 - Following the immense success of the third edition of the AIPS Sport Media Awards, AIPS is honoured to share the official ranking of the top submissions from each continent across the different categories, as an acknowledgment of sports media worldwide.

The Awards submissions included an inspiring level of journalistic content from across five continents, culminating in a hybrid digital ceremony of storytelling excellence in Vigevano on March 22, 2021.

The third edition of the AIPS Awards received an outstanding total of 1871 submissions from 129 nations around the globe. In submitting their work for consideration for the nine categories, colleagues from across the globe engaged in a dialogue that is crucial in highlighting the importance of our profession and the need to invest in its culture and independence.

COVID SPECIAL MENTION As was the case during the awards ceremony on March 22, the best COVID-19-related submissions in each continent will be published next week, in recognition of the entries that interpret the difficulties of sport during the pandemic across all categories.

Read all about the winners of the AIPS Sport Media Awards 2020 here.

Below are the top submissions of the AIPS Sport Media Awards from EUROPE.

*The list may contain more than 10 submissions because of ties after the vote.

1. Dario Ricci (Italy), Italy 4 – 3 West Germany: The match of an entire nation - Radio24-IlSole24Ore
2. Moritz Cassalette (Germany), Enke - Life and tragedy of a goalkeeper - NDR 2
3. Sanny Rudravajhala and Mark Crossley (UK), Out of our League - BBC Radio Manchester, BBC Sounds
3. Pablo Juanarena (Spain), How long does mourning have to last? Sport has the answer - MARCA
5. Boštjan Reberšak and Franci Pavšer (Slovenia), Back to the Future: Mt. Everest - RTV Slovenija, Radio Slovenija, Val 202
6. Edward Knowles (UK), Olympic Channel Podcast: Surya Bonaly - A figure skating pioneer on discrimination and backflips - Olympic Channel
7. Ronny Blaschke (Germany), "World Games” - Sports and Colonialism - Deutschlandfunk
8. Zsófia Somogyi (Hungary), Looking at the world records in running - Kossuth Radio
9. Alexander Lundholm (Sweden), From a drunk scandal to illegal treasure hunt - Swedish Radio
9. Zuzana Botikova (Slovak Republic), Football under the Swastika - RTVS - Radio Slovakia International

1. Roman Vondrouš (Czech Republic), Football fans of Bohemians Prague 1905 during the coronavirus pandemic - Czech News Agency
2. Clive Brunskill (UK), Kings and Queens of swing - Getty Images
3. Roman Kruchinin (Russia), Skateboard in Kazan - Extream magazin
4. Alan Crowhurst (UK), The sport of Kings - Getty Images
4. Odd Andersen (Norway), Spectacular crash of Wang Xiaofei - AFP
6. Dario Belingheri (Italy), Cycling life - Bettiniphoto
7. Andrea Staccioli (Italy), Light on divers –
7. Eduardo Erben (Czech Republic), Veterans at the start - CPA Czech Photo Agency
7. Julian Finney (UK), Sport portfolio - Getty Images
8. Franck Fife (France), Pauline Deroulede, French hopeful in wheelchair tennis with the Paris 2024 Games in sight - AFP
8. Andrey Golovanov (Russia), Train at home - Team of Russia Magazine
8. Lionel Bonaventure (France), FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championships - AFP

1. Andrzej Grygiel (Poland), Crash - Polish Press Agency
2. Eduardo Alvarez del Fresno (Spain), Until the last breath - Zuma Press
3. Dzianis Kastsiuchenka (Belarus), Dangerous game - Belarusian Telegraph Agency
3. Richard Heathcote (UK), Redemption punch - Boxing News
5. Vegard Wivestad Grøtt (Norway), Wrestling - Aftenposten
6. Leonhard Foeger (Austria), Silent concentration - Reuters
6. Alex Livesey (UK), Back of the net - Liverpool Echo Newspaper
8. Adolf Horst Plankenauer, Mag. (Austria), INEOS159Challenge - Salzburger Nachrichten
8. Edward Whitaker (UK), Horse racing during the coronavirus pandemic - Racing Post
8. Gabriel Bouys (France), Football UEFA Women's Champions League - AFP
8. Patrick B. Kraemer (Switzerland), Speed - Magicpbk and Bildbyran
8. Łukasz Laskowski (Poland), Injury - Press Focus Photo Agency

1. Pierre Deprez (Belgium), Piotr Van Montagu: An archer (not) like the others - Rtbf
2. Jermain Raffington (Germany), Sadio Mane - Made in Senegal -
3. Nicolas Delloye (Spain), Meet Aaron Wheelz Fotheringham the godfather of extreme wheelchair sports - Olympic Channel
4. Nick Hope (UK), The 'topless tongan's' Tokyo quest - BBC
5. Nicolas Picquet (France), Warriors - Canal+
6. Saša Grujović (Serbia), Champion of Serbia now sweeps streets and lives in a shack: moving story of a boxer KO'd by life -
7. Edward Knowles (UK), Pure euphoria - Overcome Film Festival
7. Pierre Rateau (France), Max, hand to horn - Trois Heures moins le Quart
9. Philipp Maschl (Austria), This is how a referee works - ORF
10. Dumitru Graur (Romania), Il Luce - The Romanian National Television (TVR)
10. Dimitar Tasev (Bulgaria), Ivet Lalova - Sprint life - bTV Media Group

1. Louis Myles (UK), Stop the tour - BT Sport
2. Grit Hartmann, Nick Butler and Hajo Seppelt (Germany), Doping Top Secret: The Lord of the Lifters. The Destruction of an Olympic sport - ARD Sportschau
3. Jean-Marie Goussard (France), Red blood - Canal+
4. Patrick Oberli (Switzerland), Fixed! A football comedy - Ziggosport TV, Netherlands
5. Marc Sauvourel (France), Out of the rain - Canal+
6. Jürgen Schmidt (Germany), The biggest opponent is the cliché - 50 years of women's football – ARD, Sportschau, Das Erste
7. Thomas Glavany (France), Basta! - Basta!
8. Christoph Nahr (Germany), 50 years of penalty shootout - ARD
9. Toni Oberndorfer (Austria), Escape and treason - The Stasi files of Tuchscherer/ORF
10. Matthieu Darnon (France), The field of Baobab - Canal Plus France

1. Hassen Guedioura (France), Ines Ibbou's open letter to Dominic Thiem - Magteam
2. Stuart Pollitt (UK), Rob Burrow: My year with MND - BBC Breakfast
3. David Sandona (France), Thierry Corbalan, the Corsican dolphin - France Télévisions, France 3
4. Nicolas Delloye (Spain), After unspeakable sadness, Skujyte finds redemption in reallocated medal - Olympic Channel
5. Novella Calligaris (Italy), #ITrainAtHome - Rainews24
6. Patrick Sung Cuadrado (Spain), Told she was 'too heavy' by model agency, she became an Olympian instead - CNN International
6. Jürgen Schmidt (Germany), 100. Birthday - Fritz Walter, the hero of Bern – ARD, Sportschau Das Erste
6. Inken Pallas (Germany), Triumphs & tears - Sven Hannawald between Grand Slam and Burnout - SWR Sport
9. Theo Lowenstein (UK), Iconic Performance: Adekuoroye, Amri first African WW to reach World Finals - United World Wrestling
9. Rebeca Arevalo (Spain), How the city’s annual marathon inspires hope for the people of Minamisoma - Olympic Channel

1. Bernt Jakob Oksnes (Norway), Mom is dying - Dagbladet
2. Lars Spannagel (Germany), The time is ripe - Der Tagesspiegel
3. Didem Tali (Turkey), How wheelchair basketball changed these women's lives - National Geographic
4. Matthias Fiedler (Germany), The defiant ones - Der Spiegel
5. Fabian Van der Poll (The Netherlands), The family Wevers: A success story, with a dark side - NRC
6. Ben Collins (UK), NFL: Fritz Pollard's pioneering role in American football history - BBC Sport online
7. José Ignacio Pérez Hernández (Spain), Soccer between bombs - MARCA
7. Marc Ventouillac (France), My Fourcade for myself - L'Equipe
9. Andreea Giuclea (Romania), The flip side of medals - DoR magazine
9. Jeremy Wilson (UK), Suicide: A sporting tragedy - The Daily Telegraph
9. Samanth Subramanian (UK), Over and over and over again: Jimmy Anderson keeps on running - 1843 Magazine

1. Dina Asher-Smith (UK), Think racism hasn’t affected me? It’s there almost every day - The Telegraph/Women's Sport Monthly
2. Andreea Giuclea (Romania), How do we reconcile the legend of Kobe Bryant with sexual abuse allegations -
3. Alexey Avdokhin (Russia), Now the world is sure that Russian sport is a complete fraud. And this is true -
4. Enrique Ballester (Spain), The home football pitch - El Periódico de Catalunya
5. Emanuela Audisio (Italy), Alex Zanardi - The Superman of the Via Emilia who forced pity to turn away - La Repubblica
5. Petz Lahure (Luxembourg), The attempted rescue of Tokyo 2020 - Tageblatt
5. Jason Burt (UK), Rashford's intelligent activism puts society and Government to shame - The Daily Telegraph
5. Andrew Downie (UK), Pelé at 80: A true great battling for due supremacy in the era of Lionel Messi - The Times
9. Suzanne Wrack (UK), What Sergio Agüero did to Sian Massey-Ellis was not OK – Just ask any woman - The Guardian
10. Oliver Brown (UK), Greatest loss is sport's inability to provide joy in dark times - The Daily Telegraph

1. Borislav Orlinov (Bulgaria), Damir - The son of war - Kanal 3
2. Nicolas Picquet (France), The Himalayan stadium - Canal+
2. Silvana Strieder (Austria), Umar Dzambekov - Radio NJOY 91.3
4. Vladyslav Dunaienko (Ukraine), Malmo - Dynamo - Departure to Sweden, in the wake of the team - OkoloSporta YouTube Channel
5. Alla Vas'kovs'ka (Ukraine), Paraglider in Lviv and West Ukraine. How learn to fly with paraglider? - Pravdatutlviv
5. Zsófia Somogyi (Hungary), Looking at the world records in running - Kossuth Radio
5. Peter Georgiev (Bulgaria), The rise of Danubio, the "Bulgarian" Champions of Uruguay -
8. Noura Abou Zeinab (Germany), Told she was 'too heavy' by model agency, she became an Olympian instead - CNN International
9. Nika Aurora Ključarić (Croatia), Beach volleyball in the times of coronavirus pandemic - Radio NJOY 91.3
10. Jake Thompson (UK), Jake Thompson presenting Showreel - Youtube

1. Anna Szilágyi (Hungary), European champions -
2. Filipe Amorim (Portugal), It's all about determination - The Guardian
3. Mattia Ozbot (Italy), My Olympic dream - Sony Experience
4. Clare Redman (UK), Leeds university women’s rugby union team play at Headingley stadium for the first time at Varsity - The Gryphon
5. Molly Darlington (UK), Champions of England 2020 - Reuters
6. Mats Palinckx (Belgium), Cyclocross start - L'Equipe
7. Matteo Arnoul (Italy), Mind on the task - Shutterstock

1. Fiona Tomas (UK), Special Report: The damaging effects of concussion on our sportswomen - The Telegraph/Women's Sport Monthly
2. Ed Hardy (UK), An inside story on Imola, 1994 - F1's most tragic weekend ever! -
3. Boldizsár Balázs (Hungary), Luka Modric the innocent who rules - Eurosport Hungary
4. Rytis Kazlauskas (Lithuania), Champion who disappeared. Tragic life story of American- Lithuanian basketball player - LRT
5. Natalie Berry (UK), How LEGO helps a blind climber to Route-Read -
6. Stefan Berndl (Austria), The last of its kind: When an Austrian made sports history -
6. Alia Alex Cizmic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), The gift and curse of Musa Juwara’s success -
6. Connor O'Halloran (UK), The extraordinary Ed Jackson, a quadriplegic ex-rugby player who scaled Mount Everest at home - ESPN
9. Savva Timofeev (Russia), Natalya Yarygina: "First I fell in love with wrestling, then - with a wrestler" - Russian Olympic Committee
9. George Ramsay (UK), ‘Go back to your country’: Rugby star Maxime Mbanda recalls racist abuse - CNN International


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