AIPS Sport Media Awards 2021 category presentation: Video Athlete Profile

  • June 23, 2021

AIPS Media

LAUSANNE, June 23, 2021 – The video categories of the AIPS Sport Media Awards appreciates the compelling use of moving images to adequately communicate the theme(s) of sports stories.

Professional sport journalists involved in video production – cameraman, producer, director, etc. - are invited to take part in the fourth edition of the Awards which will run until October 4, 2021. The AIPS Sport Media Awards have been an incredible platform for the best sports storytellers from all corners of the world. No language barriers.

The Video categories are: Athlete Profile, Documentary and Short Feature.

For Athlete Profile, which is the focus of this article, an applicant is expected to submit “a video longer than 10 minutes that portrays a captivating, in-depth image of an athlete or a prominent and relevant sport figure”.

Participation is free and each person can enter a maximum of two submissions published between November 10, 2020 and October 4, 2021, in any language, for a chance to win 8,000 US Dollars for the first place, 3,000 US Dollars for the second place and 2,000 US Dollars for the third place.

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Pierre Deprez’s touching and inspiring story of “Piotr Van Montagu: an archer (not) like the others” won this category in the last edition of the AIPS Sport Media Awards. The Belgian Paralympic athlete, who has no arms and an atrophied leg, uses his feet and mouth to practice archery. The victim of thalidomide was abandoned at birth and placed in an orphanage before being adopted by a Belgian mother who always pushed him to fend for himself. He now lives alone and does almost everything by himself as can be seen in the 11-minute video which clearly shows the strong will of an extraordinary athlete.


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