90 days to submit, 90 winners of the AIPS Sport Media Awards

  • July 06, 2021

LAUSANNE, July 6, 2021 - As the calendar announces 90 days, we have decided to make a recognition to the AIPS Sport Media Awards Hall of Fame, those journalists that made the podium in the first three editions. Some of them were joint-submissions, some of them were featured more than once.

The number of lucky names is precisely 90 from the five continents.

They represent the sport media excellence that we use as hashtag, and with their excellent reporting they promote the quality, culture and transparency values that we stand for.

Let’s have a look, category by category and in chronological order.

Photography, with its two subcategories (Action Photo and Portfolio) has produced 15 AIPS Sport Media Award winners in total.

Adam Pretty is the only one that has reached the podium in the three consecutive editions, winning two first places and one second place. Roman Vondrouš has one first place and one second place.

Photography Sport Action
1. Vincent Riemersma (The Netherlands), Skating Shadows, PZC (Netherlands)
2. Alexey Filippov (Russia), Fourcade, Sputnik (Russia)
3. Norbert Schmidt (Germany), Mud Fight, Norbert Schmidt Sports Photo

1. Juan Arboleda (Colombia), You set the limits – AFP
2. Zhuang Wu (China), Chinese boxer Xu Can - Xinhua
3. Ganbat Chuluunbaatar (Mongolia), Before a catch! - Mongolian Sports Press Union

1. Andrezj Grygiel (Poland) Crash (Polish Press Agency)
2. Andrew Bernstein (USA) LeBron Walking On Air (NBAE/Getty Images)
3. Eduardo Alvarez del Fresno (Spain) Until the Last Breath (Zuma Press)

Photography Portfolio
1. Adam Pretty (Australia), Budapest World Swimming Championships, Getty Images (Germany)
2. Xu Liu (刘 续) (China), Young gymnasts, Xinhua news agency (China)
3. Patrick Kraemer (Switzerland), Aquatics, Magicpbk/EPA/Keystone

1. Roman Vondrouš (Czech Republic), Horse racing - Czech News Agency
2. Adam Pretty (Australia), Infinite trails - Getty Images
3. Sergey Kivrin (Russia), Nomad Games. Gedebey, Azerbaijan - Azerbaijan Airlines Magazine

1. Adam Pretty (Australia) Climbings Olympic debut (Getty Images)
2. Roman Vondrouš (Czech Rep.), Football fans of Bohemians Prague during the covid pandemic (Czech News Agency)
3. Clive Brunskill (UK), Kings & Queens of Swing (Getty Images)

A total of 30 video-makers have reached the podium in the three editions. Emanuela Audisio (Italy) and Stuart Pollitt (UK) both earned one first-place and one second-place.
After the success of the first year, a new category, Short Feature Video, was added, leaving Documentary and Athlete Profile for videos longer than 10 minutes.

Video Documentary
1. Emanuela Audisio (Italy), 1968 - Sport & Revolution, 3D Produzioni (Italy)
2. Dan Goldberg (Australia), The Haka, Mint Pictures (Australia)
3. He Zhu (China), The Football Roadmap, CCTV SPORTS , CCTV International Network Co., Ltd and Beijing SDT Media Co., Ltd (China)

1. Stuart Pollitt (United Kingdom), The Kennedy who changed the world - BBC
2. Stan Grant (Australia), The Australian dream - Lorton Entertainment  
3. Jack Felling (USA), 1968 Roundtable- NBC Sports Network

1. Louis Myles (UK), Stop the Tour, BT Sport
2. Hajo Seppelt, Grit Hartmann, Nick Butler (Germany-UK) Doping Top Secret: "The Lord of the Lifters. The Destruction of an Olympic sport”, ARD Sportschau (Germany)
3. Jean Marie Goussard (France) Red Blood (Canal+)

Video Athlete Profile
1. Diego Hurtado de Mendoza (Spain) / Greg Groggel / Peter Berg, The People’s Fighters: Teofilo Stevenson and the Legend of Cuban Boxing, Olympic Channel
2. Emanuela Audisio (Italy), Pelé's last show,   3D Produzioni
3. Anthony Audreau, Thomas Laraby, Pierre Esquer (France) Ousmane et la lutte enchantée (Ousmane, Sandguine wrestler), Demain Dakar

1. Matthew Allen (USA), Birthright: becoming Toby Dawson - NBC Sports Group
2. Ben Unger (Germany), Pelé from Neubrandenburg - NDR TV
3. Claus Frederiksen (Denmark), The gold Jacket - From Struer to Hall of Fame - Nordisk Film Cinemas, TV 2 sport Denmark

1. Pierre Deprez (Belgium), Piotr Van Montagu: an archer (not) like the others (RTBF)
2. Lewis Johnson (USA), Gift of Life (NBC)
3. Jermain Raffington, Peta Jenkin and Mehdi Benhadj-Djilali (Germany), Sadio Mané - Made in Senegal - Rakuten.tv

Video Short Feature
1. Andrew Leibman (USA), Sign at all times: A film about Brian Estrada - Leibman Production
2. Marissa Boyajian (USA), Hope: The Gabe Grunewald story - NBC Sports
3. Basile Roze (France), Legends live on: Matthias Steiner - Olympic Channel    

1. Hassen Guedioura (France) Ines Ibbou’s open letter to Dominic Thiem (MAGTEAM)
2. Stuart Pollitt (UK) Rob Burrow: my year with MND (BBC Breakfast)
3. David Sandona (France) Thierry Corbalan, the Corsican Dolphin (France Television)

Twenty-three writers reached the podium in the two categories, Best Colour Piece and Best Column. In 2019, for the first time there was a tie in the second-place. After 2018, the category Journalistic Weblog was absorbed by the other two.

Writing Best Colour Piece
1. José Ignacio Pérez Hernández (Spain), "Yo jugué al fútbol en Auschwitz" ("I played football in Auschwitz"),   MARCA (Spain)
2. Antje Windmann (Germany), Der Mensch im Trikot, DER SPIEGEL (Germany)
3. Chirstof Gertsch / Mikael Krogerus, 9.79 / Der gefallene Star (The fallen star), Das Magazin/Tamedia (Switzerland)

1. Suzanne Wrack (United Kingdom), ‘There was blood everywhere’: the abuse case against the Afghan FA president - The Guardian
2. Jeremy Wilson (United Kingdom), France rocked by the tragic cost of rugby's safety crisis, The Daily Telegraph
3. Zahra Aliee (Iran), A story of the women's historical day in the forbidden place "Azadi" - 90tv.ir

1. Bernt Jakob Oksnes (Norway) Mom is Dying (Dagbladet)
2. Lars Spannagel (Germany) Die Zeit ist reif (The Time is Ripe) (Der Tagesspiegel)
3. Julian Linden, Jessica Halloran (Australia) Katia’s story: On Thin Ice (The Daily Telegraph)

Writing Best Column
1. Igor Rabiner (Russia), The Athletes or the Slaves? Rabiner Against of Boycotting Olympics, Sport-Express (Russia)
2. Oliver Brown (UK), Gymnast Biles' abuse scandal is lesson unlearned, The Daily Telegraph (United Kingdom)
3. Dumitru Graur (Romania), Tears of an old commentator, Sport in Romania (Romania)

1. Prajwal Oli (Nepal), Nepal barely plays 50 different sports, but hosts nearly 200 sports associations - The Kathmandu Post, Nepal
2. Carlos Matallanas (Spain), Letter to Rafael Nadal - AS
2. Sebastián Torok (Argentina), The notebooks of tennis: Marco Trungelliti, the Argentine who challenged the mafia that fixes matches - Diario La Nacion de Argentina

1. Dina Asher-Smith (UK) “We can all bring change - speak out, be anti racist” (The Telegraph, Women’s Sport Monthly)
2. Andreea Giuclea (Romania) How do we reconcile the legend of Kobe Bryant with sexual abuse allegations (Lead.ro)
3. Alexey Avdokhin (Russia) Now the World is sure that Russian sport is a complete fraud. And this is true. (Sports.ru)

Journalistic Weblog
1. Yin Ma (China), Exclusive! A Wechat log between two legendary women, Lang Ping and Li Yan, highlighting their resiliance, We Love Volley (China)
2. Nick Butler (UK), There is a gap between the values sport has, wants to have and should have, insidethegames.biz (United Kingdom)
3. Ubaldo Scanagatta (Italy), Serena…Ramos aveva ragione! Osaka, che campionessa! (Ramos was right in Serena’s controversy! Osaka, what a champion!), Ubitennis.com (Italy)

Nine names appear in the Hall of Fame of the AIPS Sport Media Awards Audio category. Tracey Holmes (Australia) is the only one to have won one first place and one second place. Dario Ricci (Italy) made two podiums (third and second).

1. Pirmin Styrnol, Jürgen Schmidt (Germany), Horst Eckel - Für immer ein Held von Bern (Horst Eckel - Forever a hero of Bern), SWR2 (Germany)
2. Aaron Kearney (Australia), Orchids Bloom, ABC Radio (Australia)
3. Dario Ricci (Italy), Franco Nones: per tutto l'oro ...del fondo (Franco Nones, at walking pace), Radio24 IlSole24Ore (Italy)

1) Bob Hohler, Andrew Ryan (USA), Gladiator: Aaron Hernandez and football Inc. - The Boston Globe
2) Tracey Holmes (Australia), The Ticket: The Horton v Sun Affair - is Sun Yang a Drug Cheat? – ABC
3) Ronny Blaschke (Germany), Football women - Critical voices of a minority – Deutschlandfunk Kultur

1. Tracey Holmes (Australia) The Ticket - Black Lives Matter and Athletes' Right to Protest (ABC)
2. Dario Ricci (Italy) Italy 4 – 3 West Germany: The Match Of An Entire Nation (Radio24)
3. Moritz Cassalette (Germany) Enke - life and tragedy of a goalkeeper (NDR2)

To enhance the opportunities to the younger generations, the creation of the Young Reporters category offered a chance to participate and win an AIPS scholarship at a top international sporting event. Six names were added to the list of the winners since its creation.

Mattia Ozbot (Italy) - Mattia Ozbot Photography

Anna Szilágyi (Hungary) European Champions (Fradi.hu)

Broadcasting (Audio and Video)
Hamza Ait Messaoud (Morocco), Sports management - Football clubs in Morocco: a reality of three degrees

Clarisse Sih (Cameroon) Karate Tai Sabaki, more than meets the eyes (Cameroon Radio Television)

Mažvydas Laurinaitis (Lithuania) - Tv3.lt - Famous Lithuanian trainer accused of sexual harassment

Ari Schneider (USA) Two Climbers. Best Friends. Only one ticket to the Olympics (The New York Times)

Not open for submissions, this category offers career recognition for accomplishments on investigative reporting. Five names received the Award chosen by AIPS President, and President of the Jury, Gianni Merlo.

Investigative reporting
Anas Aremeyaw Anas (Ghana)

Jamil Chade (Brazil)

Patrick Oberli (Switzerland), Fixed, A Football Comedy, Ziggosport TV (The Netherlands)
Idah Waringa and Jeff Kinyanjui (Kenya), The Football Con, Nation Media Group (Kenya)
Sergio Rangel and Fred Justo (Brazil), Mafia on the field, O’Globo (Brazil)

In total, 90 journalists received an AIPS Sport Media Award. But there are three special ones, those platinum trophies reserved only for the career recognition.

A life in sport
Michael Kuhn (Austria)

José María Lorente (Spain)

Chelo De Castro (Colombia)

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