Young Reporters Writing - Longlist announcement

  • February 26, 2022

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LAUSANNE, February The AIPS Sport Media Awards are pleased to announce the longlist for the Young Reporters Writing category.

The longlist represents the first judging stage and is based on the average ratings of the AIPS panel of specialists, the Executive Committee members and the members of the Jury.

Find out more about the judging stages here.

Here are the selected works, in alphabetical order of country:



Carolina Mitriani (Argentina), A cry from the paddock: Diego Armando Maradona died -

Daniel Jerovsek (Austria), Power women: The feminine side of strength - Kleine Zeitung    

Martin Schauhuber (Austria), My friend who swam himself into a coma - Der Standard

Silvana Strieder (Austria), Men as taboo: the long road to equality - Kurier

Lukas Zahrer (Austria), Queen of the waves: The story of Gertrude Ederle, the first woman to swim the English Channel - Der Standard

Valeria Stetsko (Belarus), Dmitry Khodas: Will, character and love -

Jamille Bullé Costa Dantas (Brazil), Black women are still a minority in leadership positions in women's football -

Wufei Yu (China), From subculture to mainstream: Rock climbing’s rise in China -

Mostafa Hosny (Egypt), Pay-to-play: How private investment is eroding youth football in Egypt -

Simon Ecker (Germany), Space for everyone? -

Laurenz Schreiner (Germany), Foreigner quota at Union Berlin? Serious discrimination allegations against Bundesliga club -

Panagiota Chalkia (Greece), Imani McGee-Stafford: She put a three-pointer to abuse with a poem -

Annesha Ghosh (India), Breaking good: How the latest Olympic sport is inspiring Indian youth -

Sanket Jain (India), In Kolhapur: Wrestlers’ diets, weighty problems -

Soroush Fadaeitehrani (Iran), We just want to live! -  

Ciaran O'Mahony (Ireland), “It was my blood, it was my life, it was my breath”: The rise of Rwanda’s first female football coach - The Jaded Newsman

Francesco Gottardi (Italy), Atletico Diritti's never-ending game - Il Foglio

Samuel Gacharira (Kenya), Amy Lasu: Shining hope for South Sudanese football - Nation.Africa  

Tolu Olasoji (Nigeria), Surfing beyond life’s scars in Liberia -

Trygve Ulriksen Skogseth (Norway), Peter Karlsson: The painful verdict on Swedish ice hockey player's 1995 killing -

Piotr Przyborowski (Poland), Transsexual soccer player Sammy Walker: I was terrified of homophobia and transphobia in sports -

Jose Encarnacion (Puerto Rico), Camarero Racecourse: A money machine that runs on injured and abused horses - CPI

Vlad Octavian Nedelea (Romania), "I trust doctors and God": Fantastic example of Florin Hidișan, former football player - Gazeta Sporturilor

Lucijan Zalokar (Slovenia), The Gatsby of our time -

Yanga Sibembe (South Africa), Cricket SA’s hearings are a mirror of South African society -

Leonard Solms (South Africa), South Africa's new blade phenom says, 'I'm not Oscar Pistorius, I'm Ntando the Great!' -

Agustín Alabau (Spain), 90 of the 90: The golden girls in Barcelona 92' -

Makhtum Muziransa (Uganda), Women barred from Olympics for being ‘manly' - Daily Monitor

Jack Bantock (UK), World Mental Health Day: Canadian goalkeeper Stephanie Labbe's journey through panic attacks to Olympics gold -

Benjamin Church (UK), Dying for peace: Afghanistan's first female Olympian says women will not give up their liberties easily -

Matias Grez (UK), Meet Otto Addo, the coach responsible for guiding some of Europe's brightest young footballers -

Molly Mcelwee (UK), Special investigation: The whistleblowers driving Sport’s #MeToo movement - The Telegraph

Ben Morse (UK), Moe Norman: The Rain Man of golf who amazed even the greats of the sport -

Sana Noor Haq (UK), It makes me feel like possibilities are endless': Meet the Muslim women using parkour to feel free -

Michael Pavitt (UK), Boycott talk over social media and Beijing 2022, but can sport get balance right? -

George Ramsay (UK), Depression drove her close to suicide. Now, Olympian Raven Saunders wants to 'destigmatize' mental health -

Hannah Ryan (UK), Does the footballing world really care about kicking homophobia out? -

Fiona Tomas (UK), The problem with wearing all white: How test cricketers are managing anxiety around their periods - The Telegraph

Kobe Tong (UK), David Haye exclusive: British boxing legend recounts story of horrific social media abuse -

Jackie Powell (USA), The WNBA is finally catching up on mental health - Sports Illustrated

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT - Now, the EC members will narrow the longlists into a shortlist of candidates to be presented to the Jury members, who will conduct the three remaining voting stages.

The final ceremony will take place in May in Europe, date and location are still to be confirmed following the evolution of the pandemic.

To know more about the judging method and the AIPS Sport Media Awards 2021, click here

Stay tuned for the rest of the longlists!


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