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  • March 02, 2022

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LAUSANNE, March 1, 2022 - The AIPS Sport Media Awards are pleased to announce the longlist for the Audio category.

The longlist represents the first judging stage and is based on the average ratings of the AIPS panel of specialists, the Executive Committee members and the members of the Jury.

Find out more about the judging stages here.

Here are the selected works, in alphabetical order of country:




Smail Berhail (Algeria), Audio portrait: Algeria’s National Team coach Djamel Belmadi - Rai Inter YouTube


Emiliano Nunia (Argentina), Valentí Guardiola: The builder dad who never imagined to have a son like Pep | Alfredo Cahé, Madarona’s doctor for 30 years: His unknown confessions alongside him - Radio Villa Trinidad /      


Neroli Meadows (Australia), Ordineroli speaking -


Tracey Holmes (Australia), The Ticket: Afghanistan Rescue Mission, Australia steps up -


Stefan Berndl (Austria), The crisis of the Vienna football clubs: Rapid and Austria need each other more than ever -


Silvana Strieder (Austria), From war zone to the Olympics: The story of a refugee wrestler – Spotify


Oscar Buch (Chile), AD10S -


Rodrigo Vera (Chile), The madman's fury – Emisor Podcasting


Javier Hernández Bonnet (Colombia), Diego died, football died - Caracol Televisión - Blu Radio


Jaime Olando Pulido (Colombia), From here I get up -


Ronny Blaschke (Germany), A contested field (Football in war zones) -


Cornelia Neumeyer (Germany), German affair: The purchased World Cup - Ep 2 |

Affair Germany: The bought World Cup, Episode 1 - FYEO


Petros Charizaklis (Greece), Pelekis: "I ate cicadas in China, I could not say no to Juventus" – Spotify


Horgan Mark (Ireland), Where is George Gibney? Ep 10: Sea swimming -


Dario Ricci (Italy), From London to the Hauraki Gulf: Romano vs Joe, the endless rivalry | Girls just want to have fun: The women of the Nordic combined - Radio24-IlSole24Ore


Muhammad Rosli (Malaysia), Chua Boon Huat "I See You Later" - Spotify


Katya Lopez (Mexico), It happened on the Olympus – Spotify


Chidiebere Anugwolu (Nigeria), Report: Lagos athletes and poverty -


David Oku (Nigeria), Above death - FLO-FM 94.9


Zoltán Kádár (Romania), Lóról Ióra: From pommel horse to horse -


Papa Madiakhaté Sarr (Senegal), Sport in Tivaouane Peulh Niague, between passion and hassle -


Madiagne Niang (Senegal), Women's rugby in Senegal, between hope for development, danger and cultural prejudice - Africa 7 Radio et TV


Franci Pavser (Slovenia), Bite your finger before you type - the low standards of discourse on social networks -  


Luka Petric (Slovenia), They came, they stayed, they won -


Antía André (Spain), Samaneh and Leili, two women in football -


Jose David Isabel López (Spain), Mexico: Football border | Cerro de Pasco: The highest stadium in the world - Audible - Amazon Prime


Pablo Juanarena (Spain), Best regards | A mother called Melina, a daughter called Irene, and a basketball player called Pau Gasol - / RADIO MARCA


Alexander Lundholm (Sweden), Jenny Fransson: Life as a doping convict -


Kangni Follykoe (Togo), Impact of Covid-19 on female athletes in hand sports in Togo -


Athar Ahmad, Mick Tucker, Carl Johnston (UK), File on 4: Tackling online abuse in football -


Chris Brown (UK), My Defining Moments. Ep 6 - Chris Mears MBE, diving | My defining moments - Ep 8: John Naber, swimming – Spotify


Richard Clarke (UK), Sports content strategy - Sarim Akhtar: How to become a sports meme -


Simon Maybin (UK), The fake Paralympians -


Jack Murley (UK), The BBC's LGBT sport podcast: The one on the history of the Gay Games -


Paul Radley (UK), Diego Maradona: The Dubai years - The news that shook UAE football, as the game’s greatest name landed at Al Wasl - The National


Santosh Rudravajhala (UK), BBC squad goals -


Sebastián Moreira (Uruguay), Streaming overdose: The Olympics | Floreal García - A fighter – Spotify


Neil Amato (USA), 1-2-3 Wildcats Episode 6: Chris -


Brian Pinelli (USA), IPC President Andrew Parsons on the immense challenges and sleepless nights of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games -


Milena Gimon (Venezuela), Betting in the world of tennis – Spotify


WHAT HAPPENS NEXT - Now, the EC members will narrow the longlists into a shortlist of candidates to be presented to the Jury members, who will conduct the three remaining voting stages.

The final ceremony will take place in May in Europe, date and location are still to be confirmed following the evolution of the pandemic.

To know more about the judging method and the AIPS Sport Media Awards 2021, click here

Stay tuned for the rest of the longlists!


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