Continental rankings unveiled: Meet the best performers in Oceania

  • June 21, 2022

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LAUSANNE, June 21, 2022 - The AIPS Sport Media Awards are proud to announce the continental rankings for Oceania. To know more about the continental rankings, click here.


1. Tracey Holmes (Australia), The Ticket: Afghanistan Rescue Mission, Australia steps up - ABC
2. Neroli Meadows (Australia), Ordineroli speaking - Megaphone


1. Kai Schwoerer (New Zealand), A try that hurts - Getty Images
2. Darrian Traynor (Australia), Air Jordan - Getty Images
3. Andrew Cornaga (New Zealand), Twilight Netball - PhotoSport NZ
4. David Gray (Australia), Leap of faith - AFP
5. Andy Cheung (Australia), Coming out of the darkness - UK Tennis Magazine
6. Raymond Giubilo (Australia), The Shadow and the Player - IL TENNIS ITALIANO
7. Trina Brereton (New Zealand), Basketball player - Shuttersport Limitied
8. Sydney Low (Australia), Serena Williams - Australian Open 2021 - The Times UK
9. Chris Symes (New Zealand), Football player does a bicycle kick - Shuttersport Limited


1. Adam Pretty (Australia), Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games - Getty Images
2. David Gray (Australia), The weird and wonderful world of tennis - AFP
3. Andy Cheung (Australia), Light and Actions - UK Tennis Magazine
4. Scott Barbour (New Zealand), Behind the Scenes: 2021 Australian Open -
5. Darrian Traynor (Australia), Play like a Girl - Getty Images
6. Andrew Cornaga (New Zealand), NZL - 1 - Photosport NZ
7. Raymond Giubilo (Australia), 2021 Back to Tennis - IL TENNIS ITALIANO
8. Sydney Low (Australia), Australian Open 2021 – Tennis Grand Slam - Cal Sport Media
8. Morgan Hancock (Australia), Victorian country racing - Warrnambool Standard
10. Joe Allison (New Zealand), Athleticism - Getty Images


1. Scott Rollinson (Australia), Building titans - Gold Coast Titans


1. Karl Kaldawi (Australia), Kevin Wynne: I'll ride until the day I die -


1. Dana Johannsen (New Zealand), The mystery of Mrs Muir -
2. Julian Linden and Craig Lord (Australia), Troubled waters - The Daily Telegraph
3. Tracey Holmes (Australia), Afghanistan’s female athletes find refuge in Australia - ABC
4. Amanda Shalala (Australia), Getting back on track - ABC News
5. Jacquelin Magnay (Australia), And the winner is… Brisbane 2032 - The Australian
6. Samantha Lewis (Australia), The inside story of the forgotten match that launched women's football 100 years ago in Australia - ABC
7. Liana Buratti (Australia), Dr. Madeleine Pape: How a career-ending injury led to a personal pilgrimage and a new voice for gender eligibility in sport -
8. Michael Burgess (New Zealand), Is This New Zealand Sailing’s Next Star? How a builder won a place among sailing’ s elite - North and South Magazine
9. Kasey Symons (Australia), Cayla George: how Australia’s female basketballers are taking a stand - Siren Sport


1. Julian Linden (Australia), Swimming against the tide - The Daily Telegraph
2. Samantha Lewis (Australia), Cooney-Cross comes of age with W-League grand final winner for victory -
3. Michael Burgess (New Zealand), The legacy behind the golden kid Maradona -
4. Erin Delahunty (Australia), Super Netball caught napping with slow and opaque response to cancelled match - Guardian Australia
5. Kasey Symons (Australia), Bright and beautiful Pride round shows AFLW a safe space for all - The Guardian


1. Joe Allison (New Zealand), Eyes on the ball - Getty Images
2. Morgan Hancock (Australia), Late summer sun - Tennis Australia


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