Continental rankings unveiled: Meet the best performers in Europe

  • June 21, 2022

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LAUSANNE, June 21, 2022 - The AIPS Sport Media Awards are proud to announce the continental rankings for Europe. To know more about the continental rankings, click here.


1. Dario Ricci (Italy), From London to the Hauraki Gulf: Romano vs Joe, the endless rivalry - Radio24-IlSole24Ore
2. Ronny Blaschke (Germany), A contested field (Football in war zones) - Deutschlandfunk Kultur
3. Mark Horgan (Ireland), Where is George Gibney? Ep 10: Sea swimming - BBC
4. Athar Ahmad, Mick Tucker, Carl Johnston​​​​​ (UK), File on 4: Tackling online abuse in football - BBC
5. Pablo Juanarena (Spain), A mother called Melina, a daughter called Irene, and a basketball player called Pau Gasol - MARCA
6. Jose David López (Spain), Cerro de Pasco: The highest stadium in the world - Audible - Amazon Prime
7. Alexander Lundholm (Sweden), Jenny Fransson: Life as a doping convict - Swedish Radio
8. Jack Murley (UK), The BBC's LGBT sport podcast: The one on the history of the Gay Games - BBC
9. Simon Maybin (UK), The fake Paralympians - BBC
10. Cornelia Neumeyer, Constanze Radnoti, Reinhard Röde (Germany), German affair: The purchased World Cup - Ep 2 - FYEO
10. Franci Pavser (Slovenia), Bite your finger before you type: The low standards of discourse on social networks - Radio Slovenija
10. Antía André (Spain), Samaneh and Leili, two women in football - Radio Nacional de España


1. Andrej Isakovic (Serbia), The Halo Effect - AFP
2. Félix Sánchez Arrazola (Spain), Tentacles in the sand - FOTORUNNERS
3. Alexander Fedorov (Russia), Soccer Chumbleyws - SPORT-EXPRESS
4. Antonio Bronic (Croatia), Diving - Reuters
5. Loïc Venance (France), Vendee Globe 2021 - AFP
6. Alessandro Trovati (Italy), Ski Mountaineering - SPORTWEEK
7. Maurice van Steen (Netherlands), By a hair's breadth - Toronto Star
8. Christian Bruna (Austria), Focused on Gold - EPA
9. Olivier Morin (France), First surfing gold medal of the history -
10. François-Xavier Marit (France), Downhill - AFP
10. Tommaso Lamantia (Italy), Leap of faith - Annuario Club Alpino Accademico
10. Oliver Scarff (UK), Tom Daley Tears - The Guardian


1. Clive Mason (UK), Olympic Sailing Tokyo 2020 - Getty Images
2. Loïc Venance (France), Olympic games Tokyo 2020 - AFP
3. Dario Belingheri (Italy), Shades of cycling - Bettiniphoto
4. Joel Marklund (Sweden), Tokyo Paralympic Games - Bildbyran Photo Agency
5. Alexey Filippov (Russia), Biathlon - Sputnik Images
6. Matthias Hangst (Germany), Tokyo 2020 Athletics - Getty Images
7. Dzianis Kastsiuchenka (Belarus), Series: the angle decides a lot - The Belarusian Telegraph Agency (BelTA)
8. Jan Virt (Czech Republic), Rock climbing in Normandy - Montana
9. Alessandro Trovati (Italy), Apnea - Pentaphoto
10. Patrick B. Kraemer (Switzerland), Focus on perfection - EPA-EFE
10. Andrej Isakovic (Serbia), Pole vault glamour - Instagram Iandrej
10. Laurence Griffiths (UK), Tokyo Olympic Gymnastics - Getty Images


1. András Muhi Pires (Hungary), One for all - ATV ELF Pictures
2. Benoit Durand (France), Teddy Riner: The quest - France Télévisions
3. Diogo Oliveira (Portugal), Report TV “Ricardinho: the heart of a champion” - SPORT TV Portugal
4. Nicolas Delloye (Spain), Skateboarder Margie Didal: “Do what you love” - Olympic Channel
5. Tim Tonder (Germany), Malaika Mihambo: My long approach to gold - NDR/ARD German TV
6. Vladimir Pajić (Serbia), The joker - RTS Videostroj
7. Inken Pallas (Germany), High altitude intoxication: Looking for the perfect flight - ARD
8. Antonio Nieto Moreno (Spain), The battle against time of Teresa Portela, the first Spanish woman to compete at six Olympic Games - El País
9. Laura Trust (Germany), The "Gorilla" gets off the bike - ARD
10. Nataša Šević (Serbia), Bobi goes to Hollywood - TV ArenaSport / Videostroj


1. Matthieu Darnon (France), Backdraft - Canal+
2. David Harrison (UK), Al Jazeera investigations: The men who sell football - Al Jazeera
3. Christoph Nahr (Germany), Unified for gold: The German Biathlon Association - ARD
4. Arnaud Bonnin (France), We need to talk - Canal +
5. Christina Macfarlane, Ivy Nyayieka, Jo Shelley (UK), Running as equals: The elite athletes fighting for acceptance - CNN
6. Viktor Tihany (Hungary), Running in her blood: The story of Lívia Gereben - MTVA
7. Diogo Oliveira (Portugal), Report TV ‘The Kabul rescue’ - Sport TV Portugal
8. Benoit Pensivy (France), Heart-to-heart with Les Bleus - M6
9. Emanuele Corazzi (Italy), Sympathetic - EP1: The Last of the romantics - Dazn
10. Theo Lee Ray (UK), Standing firm: Football's windrush story - BT Sport
10. Jonathan Taylor (Ireland), Mariah: A boxer's dream - Olympic Channel


1. Heidi Iro (Austria), Armand 'Mondo' Duplantis - Red Bull TV
2. Julien Ababsa, Guillaume Papin (France), Always get up - France Télévisions
3. Jonathan Taylor (Ireland), From the top: Olympians and rockstars - Olympic Channel
4. Nicklas Vinde (Denmark), Handball Diaries: Camila Micijevic - EHF
5. Nuria Ruano (Spain), Halfpipe hype: The joy of riding - Olympic Channel
6. Don Riddell (UK), How boxing is changing the way society looks at women in Gaza - CNN
7. Emeline Nsingi Nkosi (France), Extreme E: ‘We wanted to do a race dedicated to the ocean’ - BBC Sport Africa
8. Babacar Diarra (France), The Comoros at CAN, it's a dream! - BBC
9. Mariano Amiune (Spain), Neymar Jr: A shot to heal a nation | Wait for it - Olympic Channel
10. Paul Woods-Turley (Germany), Olympic state of body - Olympic Channel


1. Nick Hope (UK), Refugee Paralympian Ibrahim Al Hussein's remarkable journey from war-torn Syria - BBC Sport
2. Anders Christiansen (Norway), Sexual abuse in Norwegian sports: How the system didn't protect the kids - Verdens Gang
3. Dariusz Faron, Marek Wawrzynowski (Poland), Remember you are nobody - Wirtualna Polska
4. José Ignacio Pérez Hernández (Spain), The man in chain to whom football helped to survive - MARCA
5. Pierbattista Bergonzi (Italy), Interview to Pope Francesco - La Gazzetta dello Sport
6. Christina Macfarlane, Ivy Nyayieka, Jo Shelley (UK), Running as equals: The elite athletes fighting for acceptance - CNN
7. Pierre-Philippe Berson (France), Shark island - SOCIETY
8. Sana Noor Haq (UK), Every risk that I took, it's all worth it': Abbas Karimi fled Afghanistan at age 16, now he's representing the Refugee Paralympic Team - CNN
9. Suzanne Wrack (UK), She has a skill you can’t buy: The making of Chelsea’s Emma Hayes - The Guardian
10. Peter Wenig (Germany), Blind trust - Oliver Wurm "Tokio 2021" Olympia - Magazin
10. Ben Collins (UK), Zaid Ait Malek: The stowaway who became a Spanish ultra running star - BBC Sport
10. Ben Morse (UK), Charlie Sifford: golf's first black professional who paved the way for Tiger Woods - CNN


1. Kate Rowan (UK), Groped, kicked and shown the kitchen: What it's really like being a woman in rugby - The Telegraph
2. Emanuela Audisio (Italy), Those 11 dreamlike minutes - La Repubblica
3. Ronny Blaschke (Germany), The hypocrites - Cicero
4. Oliver Brown (UK), Heading in football must now be on borrowed time - The Daily Telegraph
5. Isabelle Westbury (UK), Women's sport is the new currency in town: But it is on all of us to provide long-lasting change
6. Hannah Ryan (UK), How misogynoir is oppressing black women athletes - CNN
7. Jean-Michel Brochen (France), Our immortals - L’Équipe
8. Dan Palmer (UK), Manipulating time and space: why more people should know about Kaori Icho -
9. Don Riddell (UK), Navid Afkari: Executed Iranian wrestling star's voice is everywhere now -
10. Kresimir Lackovic (Croatia), The rising sun - Glas Slavonije


1. Thomas Rathgeb (Austria), Car Racing without borders: A portrait of Benjamin Doppelreiter - ORF
2. Alla Vas'kovs'ka (Ukraine), Winter mountains. Two climbs to the top of Hoverla - PravdaTUT Lviv
3. Lada Alekseeva (Russia), The most amazing fan of Fernando Torres - Match TV
4. Sebastian Charles (Bulgaria), Peter Fury: Prison & boxing - bTV Media Group
5. Patricija Užienė (Lithuania), Tokyo Olympic Games in a pandemic nutshell: one and only arena to host local spectators - TV3 Televizija
6. Kaloyan Kyurkchiev (Bulgaria), The hand of God waved for goodbye - bTV Media Group
7. Ronald Mann (Austria), Story Casali - Sky Sport Austria


1. Andrej Galica (Slovak Republic), Olympic focus - Slovak olympic and sports Committee
2. Florian Schroetter (Austria), Lightning strikes - AP Images
3. Anna Szilágyi (Hungary), Like whales - Instagram
4. Mattia Ozbot (Italy), Stadiums closed party open - Getty Images
5. Matteo Arnoul (Italy), From another perspective - L’Eco del Chisone
6. Lukas Schulze (Germany), Under construction - Getty Images
7. Leonid Kudryavtsev (Russia), X All-Russian Judo Championship - Леонид Кудрявцев
8. François Greuez (France), Overflows and pitch invasion during half-time of the Derby du Nord RC Lens/Lille OSC football match - SIPA PRESS
9. Sara Cavallini (Italy), Shining star - Getty Images
10. Will Palmer (UK), Oledzki’s Debut Breakaway - The Yorkshire Post


1. Molly Mcelwee (UK), Special investigation: The whistleblowers driving Sport’s #MeToo movement - The Telegraph
2. Trygve Ulriksen Skogseth (Norway), Peter Karlsson: The painful verdict on Swedish ice hockey player's 1995 killing -
3. George Ramsay (UK), Depression drove her close to suicide. Now, Olympian Raven Saunders wants to 'destigmatize' mental health -
4. Martin Schauhuber (Austria), My friend who swam himself into a coma - Der Standard
5. Benjamin Church (UK), Dying for peace: Afghanistan's first female Olympian says women will not give up their liberties easily -
6. Fiona Tomas (UK), The problem with wearing all white: How test cricketers are managing anxiety around their periods - The Telegraph
7. Laurenz Schreiner (Germany), Foreigner quota at Union Berlin? Serious discrimination allegations against Bundesliga club -
8. Ciaran O'Mahony (Ireland), ‘It was my blood, it was my life, it was my breath’: The rise of Rwanda’s first female football coach - The Jaded Newsman
9. Kobe Tong (UK), David Haye exclusive: British boxing legend recounts story of horrific social media abuse -
10. Daniel Jerovsek (Austria), Power women: The feminine side of strength - Kleine Zeitung


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