2022 Edition: Frequently Asked Questions about the AIPS Sport Media Awards

  • July 01, 2022

Find below some Frequently Asked Questions about the AIPS Sport Media Awards.

Do I have to be a member of AIPS in order to participate?
No, AIPS membership is not required. Participation is open to all professional journalists, video makers and photographers, from the 161 countries represented in the AIPS structure.

When is the deadline for submitting for the current edition?
You have time to submit until October 14, 2022, at 18:00 Central European Time.

Which are the valid dates for publication?
All stories, videos, audios or photographs must have been first published or premiered between November 5, 2021, and October 14, 2022. Reproductions or republished material from an earlier date will not be taken into consideration. For films, we consider the official release date.

Can a media outlet participate for their overall work (ie one blog, one podcast)?
No. The AIPS Sport Media Awards accept submissions from individuals (employees and freelancers are equally welcome to participate) and each submission must be one story in particular. If a story is broken down into chapters or episodes, you must submit one chapter or episode that represents the full story. The AIPS Sport Media Awards do not establish quotas for participation within the same media. Editors can endorse the work of their writers. If you are an editor and need support, please write to us at info@aipsawards.com

Can I submit in any language?
Yes. The official language of the Awards is English, but you can submit in any language.

What happen if I don’t send an English translation of my submission?
All non-English submissions that do not have an English translation will be screened by a native speaker belonging to the screening panel of experts, the Executive Committee, the Jury or a representative of the respective national association. If found valuable, it will be fully translated into English, so everyone in the Jury will be able to read it. For audio and video submissions, in the event of qualifying to the final round, entrants will be asked for the script or subtitles in the original language.

Which are the main categories in the AIPS Sport Media Awards?
There are 8 senior categories, as follows: two for Photography (1-Photo Action, 2-Portfolio), two for Writing (3-Best Column, 4-Best Colour Piece), one for Audio (5-Audio), three for Video (6-Short Feature, 7-Athlete Profile, 8-Documentary).

What are the specifications for each category?
Photography: One picture for Photo Action, Three to five pictures for Portfolio. Writing: no word limit: Column must have the author’s opinion; Colour can include reportage and interviews. Audio: audio shows, podcasts and commentary allowed, no time limit. Video: Short Feature, up to 10 minutes of lenght. Ahtlete Profile and Documentary: More than 10 minutes without maximum limit.

What are the prizes for the 8 main categories?
First-placed will receive a US$ 8,000 prize. Second-placed will earn US$ 3,000 and third-placed, US$ 2,000. All Podium nominees will receive a commemorative trophy depending on their final position.

What is the Young Reporter Under 30 category?
The Young Reporter category is a special optional category that does not entitle to money prize, reserved for those that were born since January 1, 1993. The Young Reporter Under 30 category is split into three: 1-Best Young Reporter in Photography (one sports photo), 2-Best Young Reporter in Writing (one article) 3-Best Young Reporter in Broadcasting (a submission in audio or video). These categories will select a direct winner, without second or third place. He/she will earn a scholarship in a top international sporting event.

How many submissions per person are allowed?
Only two submissions per person are allowed. All submissions must be sent using the website, www.aipsawards.com. Each submission must be sent in a separate entry form. If two submissions are found in the same entry form, you will have to resend them separately for proper judgment.

Can I participate in two different categories?
You can, as long as your participation complies with the Rules of participation, including your professional status.

Can I submit two works for the Young Reporter Under 30 category?
No, out of the two available submissions per person, only one is allowed to participate in the Young Reporter Under 30 category. Entrants are free to use the remaining one in any of the main categories.

Can I send the two submissions in the same entry form?
No. Each submission should be made in a separate entry form, informing title, a short intro, link (if applicable) and supporting material (proof of publication, translation, PDFs, audio or video files). If two submissions are found in the same entry form, users will be asked to correct it before deadline. If two or more submissions are found in the same form, they will not be taken into consideration.

I was winner/finalist in the previos editions, can I still participate?
Definitely, you can!

How does the selection process work?
All submissions are screened and reviewed by a panel of AIPS experts and mentors that will establish the longlist. The next step is in the hands of the 24 members of the Executive Committee, that will narrow the candidates into a shortlist. The highest rated works and the most voted ones go to the next round, in which the 11 members of the Jury narrow the list down into two voting stages (Top 10, Top 3). The day before the ceremony, the Jury meets again and vote for the winners.

Where did the previous ceremonies take place?
The opening ceremony (January 2019) was held in Lausanne, Switzerland, the Olympic capital as well as the city where the AIPS headquarters were based. IOC president Thomas Bach gave the opening speech. The second edition (February 2020) was held in Budapest, Hungary, with the participation of FIFA president Gianni Infantino. The third edition (March 2021) was a virtual ceremony broadcast on YouTube from the medieval castle of Vigevano, in Italy, due to the restrictions of the pandemic. The fourth edition was the first open-air ceremony, held at Khalifa International Stadium in Doha, Qatar, in June 2022.

When will the ceremony take place?
It is scheduled for March/April 2023, location yet to be announced.

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Any other question? Feel free to send us a message at info@aipsawards.com or contact us in our dedicated social media @aipsawards. We will be updating the FAQ with your own queries received during the year. For specific questions for each category, we will also publish guidelines with the information contained in the Rules and Technical Requirements found at www.aipsawards.com


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