Appreciation to the Americas: 452 submissions from 25 countries

  • November 07, 2022

The fifth edition of the AIPS Sport Media Awards received 1830 submissions in total and a record of 138 different nationalities.

In total, the Americas contributed with 452 submissions from 25 countries.

We are honoured by the quality and the willing to participate while celebrating Sports Media Excellence across all platforms.

Here are the American nations represented and the number of submissions received.

Argentina: 69

Bolivia: 5

Brazil: 51

Canada: 24

Chile: 11

Colombia: 53

Costa Rica: 2

Cuba: 12

Dominican Republic: 3

Ecuador: 5

El Salvador: 12

Guatemala: 12

Haiti: 3

Honduras: 4

Jamaica: 2

Mexico: 31

Nicaragua: 5

Paraguay: 6

Peru: 10

Puerto Rico: 12

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: 1

Trinidad And Tobago: 2

United States of America: 69

Uruguay: 28

Venezuela: 20

Participants will receive soon their certificates of participation. The road to the ceremony of Seoul 2023 is just starting! Congratulations and good luck!


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