Longlist announcement for Video Short Feature

  • March 11, 2023

LAUSANNE, March 11, 2023 - The AIPS Sport Media Awards are pleased to announce the longlist for the Video Short Feature category.

The longlist represents the first judging stage and is based on the average ratings of the AIPS panel of specialists, the Executive Committee members and the members of the Jury.

Find out more about the judging stages here.

Here are the selected works, in alphabetical order of country:

Disclaimer: All names and information have been published as we have received them, for any corrections please contact us at info@aipsawards.com.


Omar Boudi, Zoheir Boudi (Algeria), Ramadan and football - Echorouk TV

David Mark (Australia), “He took away the one thing I loved”: Allegations of child sexual assault in rock climbing - ABC

Adam Pretty (Australia), Bo Kramer - Getty Images

Olga Sheiko (Belarus), Top sportsmen are not needed - Belsat TV

Camila Alves (Brazil), In a letter to her son, Cristiane recalls tough childhood and ambitions: “Why am I going to stop dreaming” - Grupo Globo

Natascia Lypny (Canada), Golden opportunity - CBC Saskatchewan

Zhuang Wu (China), The Olympic dream of a Beijing ice hockey girl - Xinhua

Véronique N'guessan Konan (Côte d’Ivoire), Skateboard: ball of hope for disabled - RTI

Daniel Lacko (Croatia), Athlete's heart: Paula Novina - Croatian National Television

Aziza Nait Sibaha (France), Tajara21 (Dare!) - France24

Jürgen Schmidt (Germany), Markus Wasmeiers and his recipe for success - double Olympic champion in 1994 - ARD-Sportschau

Maziyar Koopidar (Iran), I'm a girl, I'm a boy - YouTube

Movahed Tarimoradi (Iran), Children of the furnace – YouTube

Badih Chayban (Lebanon), When We Unite - Beijing 2022 - Olympic Channel Services

Fadi Hejazi (Palestine), Bilal Al-Hattab - A young man with Down syndrome leads the masses in the Gaza League - Shehab News Agency

Ali Raja (Palestine), Replay the shot sir, I'm knocked down - Palestine TV Youth & Sports

Mariano Amiune (Spain), Neeraj Chopra: Throws his way into a nation's heart: Wait For It Tokyo 2020 - Olympic Channel

Nuria Ruano (Spain), Kevin Rolland: France’s spectacular freestyle skier – Olympic Channel

Pedro Temboury Entrena (Spain), Drop in with Marcelo Lusardi | Skate in Tripoli. Constructing the first Libyan skatepark - Olympic Channel

Ayhan Kasikci (Turkey), Istanbul Bosphorus Triathlon Race 2022 - Ayhan Kasikci

Andrew Binner (UK), Nimroy Turgott: Jamaica didn't win a medal, but we won a lot of hearts – Olympics.com (Digital)

Nick Hope (UK), Leah Hayes - records, representation and life as an Alopecia role model - FINA (YouTube)

Matthew Kynaston (UK), Maram - a butterfly moving between flowers - The National

Don Riddell (UK), Afghan women footballers who fled Taliban want to be a voice for the voiceless - CNN

Al Bello (USA), The trailblazer - Getty Images

Marissa Boyajian (USA), The house that Jeff built | The ride of their lives - NBC Sports

David Swartz (USA), A face for her people: Rosalie Fish - CBS Sports


WHAT HAPPENS NEXT Following this longlist, we will announce the shortlist and subsequently the finalists.

The final ceremony will take place in Seoul on May 9, 2023.

Stay tuned for the rest of the longlists!


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