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  • March 26, 2023

LAUSANNE, March 27, 2023 – The second stage of judging for the AIPS Sport Media Awards 2022 is now concluded. AIPS is pleased to present, starting today, the shortlists for each category. Congratulations to all the selected works! The road to sport media excellence is one step closer.

All the published shortlists are available in this link:

SECOND VOTING STAGE This second voting stage was exclusively carried out by the AIPS Executive Committee members (representing 24 different nations) who, after thorough and careful deliberation, narrowed down the longlisted works and voted for their preferred choices to be presented to the Jury.

The shortlists of all other categories will be published over the next few days. These categories are Video (Athlete Profile, Short Feature and Documentary), Photography (Portfolio, Sport Action), Writing (Best Colour Piece and Best Column), Audio and Young Reporters (Writing, Photography and Broadcasting).

All shortlists are published in alphabetical order by country.

SPECTACULAR QUALITY The prestigious AIPS Sport Media Awards, now running in a fifth edition, received 1830 submissions from 138 different countries, revealing incredible creativity and diversity, and sending a powerful message of hope in the face of challenges, especially after the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic and conflict zones where sport can also mean hope.
JUDGING PROCESS The Awards judging process began in December, involving a panel of 4 specialists, 24 EC members and 12 Jury members, whose average ratings resulted in the longlists, selecting approximately 20% of the works received (1st stage).

The EC members narrowed down the selected works into a shortlist of candidates. Each member was granted a number of votes depending on the category. The works with the most total votes are included in the shortlist (2nd stage).

The third and fourth voting stages are carried out by the Jury - 12 respected members from the sports media industry representing the five continents - that will first select the top 10 (finalists) and then the top 3 (podium nominees).
Finally, one day before the ceremony, which will take place in Seoul, Republic of Korea in May 2023, a final voting stage takes place and the results remain secret until the announcement.

CONTINENTAL WINNERS After the final ceremony, the Awards will also publish the Continental rankings per category, with the highest-rated works in Africa, The Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

For more information on the Judging process, we invite you to read the Rules at
Stay tuned for more information.


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