Continental Rankings 2022: The best-ranked by category

  • May 22, 2023

LAUSANNE, May 22, 2023 - Two weeks after delivering the winners for the AIPS Sport Media Awards 2022 edition in Seoul, South Korea, AIPS is proud to announce the continental rankings based on the entrants’ nationality.

These rankings show how participants performed in their own continent, and are prepared taking into account the votes from the AIPS panel of experts, the Executive Committee members and the Jury.

Therefore, the higher the ranking, the more votes it has received and the more it has progressed over the five voting stages of the AIPS Sport Media Awards.

To check rankings from AFRICA click here.

To check rankings from THE AMERICAS click here.

To check rankings from ASIA click here.

To check rankings from EUROPE click here.

To check rankings from OCEANIA click here.

The continental rankings always represent the entrant’s nationality. If two or more people with different nationalities worked on the same story, we take into account the details of the one that submitted the story.

Remember that these continental rankings are the results of the submissions the International Sports Press Association received in the registration process. Please note that some rankings, according to how they performed, might contain more or less than 10 works.

We believe the continental rankings are another impulse to the profession, celebrating the best storytellers on a regional level. We encourage the national associations of each country to value, acknowledge and pay tribute to the best performers on each country. The AIPS Sport Media Awards are the only global award for sports journalism, with 138 countries represented in the last edition.


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