Time to compete again! AIPS Sport Media Awards 2023 edition now officially open

  • June 01, 2023

The AIPS Sport Media Awards are happy to announce the launch of the 2023 competition, the sixth edition since their creation in 2018.

All registered users can now start to submit their work, as usual, meaning two submissions per person across eight senior categories plus three optional Young Reporter categories for those born since 1994.

The valid dates of participation for the current edition start on November 5, 2022, and close on November 4, 2023, when the submission period will come to an end. All published works in that window will be accepted.

The Awards’ fifth edition had a stunning closure in Seoul, South Korea, crowning the world’s best sport storytellers, after five voting stages that narrowed the original 1830 works from 138 countries, to the last 27.

Each winner received a trophy and a money prize ranging from 2,000 US Dollars (third place), 3,000 US Dollars (second place) and 8,000 US Dollars (first place).

Special commendations were also given to some submissions that stood out defending AIPS cornerstone values and excelled in innovative fields of journalism. This new policy adds a deserved medal to excellent works vital for the future of our profession.

The AIPS Sport Media Awards are the most prestigious and only global prize for sports journalism, a true festival to pay homage of the best journalists, photographers and videomakers from around the world.

The international character of the AIPS Awards is based on its unique judging system, involving 38 professionals from 31 different nationalities that rate and vote in five different voting stages (longlists drawn by the AIPS panel of specialists, shortlists voted by the Executive Committee members and Top 10, Top 3 and Winners chosen by the Jury).

As a true international prize, all languages are accepted and submitting is completely free.

You can already start uploading your work. You will be able to edit, change or delete it until the submission period closes on November 4.

The earlier you submit, the best for our thorough screening system, thus guaranteeing that your work, in case of having missing or broken links, missing translation or missing documents, will be admitted before the end of the submission period.

The senior categories are Writing Best Colour Piece, Writing Best Column, Video Documentary, Video Short Feature (up to 10 minutes), Video Athlete Profile (more than 10 minutes), Photography Portfolio (3-5 pictures), Photography Sport Action (1 picture), and Audio.

The Young Reporters categories are split into Writing, Photography and Broadcasting (Audio & Video). Only one submission in these categories is allowed for those born since January 1, 1994.

Freelancers and full-time employees are equally encouraged to participate. As always, you can check the participation rules and the requirements for each category.

Once again, we invite you to embark on the Sport Media Excellence journey together!


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