Only 15 days left to participate in the AIPS Sport Media Awards 2023

  • October 20, 2023

The AIPS Sport Media Awards 2023 are entering the final, and most hectic stage, as submissions from all over the world keep coming. It’s only 15 days to submit and the clock is ticking! Are you really going to miss out the opportunity of joining the real global award for the sports press?

Categories - The AIPS Awards are the only prize that guarantees a global vision of sports journalism and that celebrates our profession in all languages, on a local, regional and international level. Every possible format for the best sports storytellers is contemplated across the eight main categories, split into Writing, Photography, Audio and Video, plus the three optional categories reserved to the Young Reporters born since 1994.

Growth - At the same time, more than 30 honorary mentions and special commendations were added in the last ceremony, a necessary step to embrace the fantastic growth in number and in quality. Almost 5,000 journalists have already participated in the first five years, with 161 nations represented since 2018, and a record of 138 alone in 2022.

Judging - The search for sports media excellence is not an easy task, and in the Awards we have 40 judges split into three groups, working independently and voting in five different stages, narrowing the initial candidates into a longlist, then a shortlist, then the Top 10, the podium candidates and finally the winners.

Dates - Submissions are open until 4 November 2023. All the entries must have been first published/broadcast since 5 November 2022, until deadline of 4 November 2023. Submissions should be made using the website 

Given the traffic, we encourage you to submit as soon as possibile and avoid the risk of not participating.

For any doubts, please contact us directly at


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