Countdown to submit! Last 10 days to participate

  • October 25, 2023

An important reminder to all our colleagues from around the world! The submission period for the AIPS Sport Media Awards is closing soon. Until Saturday 4 November, at 10 pm Central European Time, the website will be receiving submissions from all members of the sport press, journalists, photographers and video makers.

The AIPS Awards are the global prize for sports journalism, accepting works from all media professionals working in traditional and new media, regardless of their working status and with no restrictions when it comes to languages. AIPS card is not required to participate.

DATES These stories must have been first published or broadcast since 5 November 2022, until deadline of next week, Saturday 4 November 2023. Every professional is entitled to submit his or her work individually. Team entries are accepted for podcasts, video and written works. Photographers are not allowed to submit team-entries. Each participatant will receive a certificate in December.

GLOBAL INTEREST In the 2021 edition, entries from 133 countries were submitted in 35 different languages. The number raised to 138 nationalities alone in 2022 edition. Since the start, 162 countries were represented by 4500 registered journalists.

The Awards, with the five voting stages before reaching the desired podium, also highlight the importance of the works on a local, regional and world scale, and suggest indispensable works in the search of sport media excellence.

CONTINENTAL RECOGNITION Continental rankings per category are also published in order to offer more opportunities and to celebrate those journalists whose works were among the most voted after the careful review of 40 pundits, Executive Committee members and jurors, in total representing 36 different nations.

Special commendations are also released yearly. In the 2020 edition, they were for the extraordinary reporting during the irruption of the pandemic. Since 2021 edition, they were aligned to AIPS cornerstone values, including fighting against racism and discrimination, defending Human Rights and gender equality, access to sources and showcasing creativity and new ways of reporting.

We invite you to check the Rules, the Categories overview, the Frequently Asked Questions, and the quick guide on How to submit (which is very, very easy). We are also answering live messages on our social media accounts, both of AIPS Media and AIPS Awards.

Now it’s time to submit your work and feel part of the biggest sports journalism festival across the world. Go to and join the celebration!


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