Shortlist announcement for Audio 2023

  • March 27, 2024

LAUSANNE, March 27, 2024 - The AIPS Sport Media Awards are pleased to announce the shortlist for the Audio category.

The shortlist represents the second judging stage and is based on the preferences of the AIPS Executive Committee members.

Find out more about the judging stages here.

Disclaimer: All names and information have been published as we have received them, for any corrections please contact us at

Here are the selected works, in alphabetical order of country:


Emiliano Nunia (Argentina), Luis Fernando Montoya: De ganar la Copa a quedar cuadripléjico - Radio Villa Trinidad (97.9) - Super Deportivo Radio

Simon Hirt (Austria), Der Fall Kuru - Ein Torwart spricht über Spielmanipulationen + The Judgement - Ballesterer Podcast

Hilary Christelle Tolo Kpadonou (Benin), School championship in Benin - BBC Afrique

Greg Kelly (Canada), Flopsweat: Why We Choke When It Matters Most - CBC Radio

Cristian Arcos (Chile), Colo Colo 73: A 50 Años de un Equipo Inolvidable - Radio ADN - Chile

Qixiang Yuan (China), First to the line! Zhejiang Girls and teammates win the first gold medal in Hangzhou Asian Games - Zhejiang Media Group

Oscar Lopez Noguera (Colombia), Un Profe de Pelicula - RCN Cali

Ronny Blaschke (Germany), When Chile's national stadium was a prison camp - Deutschlandfunk Kultur

Moritz Cassalette / Felix Gerhardt (Germany), Das Werder-Märchen 2004. Die Double-Saison reloaded - Norddeutscher Rundfunk / Radio Bremen

Sebastian Krause / Kilian Medele (Germany), Dr. Red Bull - ARD

Prarthana Hazarika (India), Nooshin Al Khadeer - The Sentinel Digital

Bright Kanyama (Malawi), Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre, Malawi a Death Trap - Zodiak Broadcasting Station

Igor Tominec (Slovenia), Sepp Kuss: Vuelta's American darling with Slovenian roots - RTV Slovenija

Adonis Pratsides / Adam Leventhal (UK), Football on Turkey's Fault Line - The Athletic Media Company

Andrew Bernstein (USA), Pau Gasol on Legends Of Sport podcast - iHeart Podcasts

Shima Oliaee (USA), Pink Card - Shirazad Productions

Daniel Rodríguez (Uruguay), Un partido de película; un final de tragedia - SAETA Canal 10 Uruguay / Radio El Espectador


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