Shortlist announcement for Video Documentary 2023

  • March 27, 2024

LAUSANNE, March 27, 2024 - The AIPS Sport Media Awards are pleased to announce the shortlist for the Video Documentary category.

The shortlist represents the second judging stage and is based on the preferences of the AIPS Executive Committee members.

Find out more about the judging stages here.

Disclaimer: All names and information have been published as we have received them, for any corrections please contact us at

Here are the selected works, in alphabetical order of country:


Omar & Zoheir Boudi (Algeria), The martyrs of Algerian sport  - Echorouk TV Algeria

Mariano Amiune (Argentina), Ornella: knocking down social prejudices pursuing her Olympic dream | Playing Fields - Olympic Channel

Karoline Rath-zobernig (Austria), Harnessing the power of the menstrual cycle - ORF

Noel Coser (Brazil), Pelé: Through the Eyes of a Child - Globo TV

Luis Gustavo Machado (Brazil), Catharsis - Globo TV

Alison Mayer (Brazil), The incredible Galicia street soccer cup - Globo TV

Phyllis Ellis (Canada), Category: Woman - Proximity Films

Miguel Vergara (Chile), Gol a la memoria. Historia, Pasión y muerte en el Estadio Nacional - 32 Cascos Content Lab

Jürgen Schmidt (Germany), Das teuflische Wunder vom Betzenberg - der 1. FC Kaiserslautern wird als Aufsteiger Deutscher Fußbal - ARD-Mediathek

Márta Bényei (Hungary), A Nemzet Aranyai (Golden Legends) - National Film Institute

Annesha Ghosh (India), The Women's Cricket Revolution - The Financial Times

Moses Wakhisi (Kenya), Doping Demons in Kenya - Standard Media Group- KTN News

Julia Sartorio (New Zealand), Justin's Legacy - TVNZ

Diogo Oliveira (Portugal), Football’s cradle (O Berço das Quatro Linhas) - Sport TV Portugal

Vladimir Pajić (Serbia), How did we fall in love with streetball? - Videostroj

Volodymyr Mula / Alex Gale (Ukraine / UK), Football Must Go On - TeleProstir Studio, Paramount+

Rob Harris (UK), Power Game: The Story Of Qatar 2022 - Sky News

Edward Knowles (UK), Timo Bruun (Germany) Heavy Metal: Women's Weightlifting in a Palestinian Refugee Camp - Tribeca Film Festival

Louis Myles (UK), Mighty Penguins - Meadow Lark


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