AIPS Sport Media Awards make a successful landing in Senegal

  • April 06, 2018
Newsrooms of sport newspaper Stades and Sunu Lamb, during the AIPS Sport Media Awards presentation.

by Diacounda Sene

Dakar, April 5, 2018 - It’s a busy Sunday, as usual, in the newsroom of Stades, the first sports newspaper from Senegal. However, when the AIPS Sport Media Awards team arrives in the office, the journalists quickly make a pause, leave aside last-minute results and chronicles, and take some time to know more about the prize and, especially, how to participate.

After a short presentation, followed by a series of questions, most of the journalists promise to submit their work. “It is highly stimulating for the young generation”, they say.

Full support

The Awards has all the support National Press Association (ANPS) president, Abdoulaye Thiam, who has promised all his support for a successful promotion of the Awards among sports journalists. Former ANPS president, Mamadou Koumé, also praised the launch of the Awards, which will take place in Lausanne in January 2019: "This is a very good initiative to encourage", Koume said.

Francophone Africa tour

Like Senegal, journalists from Mali, Cameroon, Gabon, Côte d’Ivoire, Togo, Benin and Mauritania are looking forward to the AIPS Sport Media Awards. Moreover, during a press conference, the president of the Malian Sports Press Association, Ouma Baba Traore, invited his colleagues to participate in this celebration for the best sport storytellers among all platforms, from print to weblog and from radio and and TV to podcasts and webcasts.

The promotional work will tour several newsrooms in Senegal and will extend into the Francophone Africa. For them, it’s also celebrated that the AIPS Sport Media Awards website ( will have a French version.

The AIPS Sport Media Awards are a bridge to the future of sport journalism. Divided in 6 main categories, the Awards are a celebration of the best sport storytellers from around the world. Submissions for professionals are free and open until September 17, 2018. Find more and submit your work in


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