Welcome to the jungle: no limits for AIPS Sport Media Awards as promotion hits the Amazonas

  • March 30, 2018
Journalists from 9 countries were present at the AIPS America Games in Manaus, where the AIPS Sport Media Awards were officially introduced in South America.

by Constanza Mora Pedraza

MANAUS, March 30, 2018 - The capital of the Amazonas state, Manaus, staged the third AIPS America Games, which provided a fine platform to present the AIPS Sport Media Awards in South America and underpin the message that in troubled times for the industry, excellence in sports media should not only be highlighted but also celebrated.

Over 40 journalists
The presentation in the Amazon city was attended by over 40 sports journalists from across South America with a diverse background and rich careers. The attendees, including journalists from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Trinidad and Tobago, welcomed the idea of sharing selected work internationally and honouring outstanding sports storytelling.

The presentation went through the Awards categories and frequently asked questions.

Promotion tour continues

AIPS has planned follow-up events to promote the AIPS Sport Media Awards in South America at the ‘Acord Cundinamarca 33 years Football Seminar’ and the Davis Cup tennis series between Colombia and Brazil. These promotional events will allow journalists time to become more acquainted with the AIPS Sport Media Awards.

The AIPS Sport Media Awards are a bridge to the future of sport journalism. Divided in 6 main categories, the Awards are a celebration of the best sport storytellers from around the world. Submissions for professionals are free and open until September 17, 2018. Find more and submit your work in www.aipsawards.com


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