Time to compete! AIPS Sport Media Awards launch new website

  • April 19, 2018
The mobile-friendly website is available in four languages.

Sports journalists across the world have plenty of reasons to celebrate.

Since the beginning of the year, the AIPS Sport Media Awards were officially introduced across the world, in media workshops and conferences in Africa, Europe, South America, the Middle East and South East Asia. International colleagues have asked questions and shown their interest in participating in these Awards. Now the time has arrived.

New website
With the launch of the AIPS Sport Media Awards website, www.aipsawards.com, it’s time to submit the best work. This is also a unique experience for every journalist, photographer or TV producer, as it allows the chance of reviewing last year’s work, selecting the most refreshing and rewarding content, and focusing on what do next. The process is very simply: sign up, upload the desired content and you will be participating.

The AIPS Sport Media Awards will be the highest international prize in sports journalism, a unique celebration of the best sport storytellers across all media platforms, from photography to video, from print to digital, from podcasts to sports blogs.

There are six main categories: Writing, Photography, Audio, Video and Weblogs.

Six main categories
The categories are as follows: 1) Writing, Best Column. 2) Writing, Best Colour Piece. 3) Photography, Action picture. 4) Photography, Portfolio. 5) Audio. 6) Video, Athlete profile. 7) Video, Documentary. 8) Journalistic Weblog. Finally, a special category not open for submissions will distinguish “A life in Sport” and “Investigative reporting”.

Submissions are open until September 17, 2018. Two submissions per person are allowed. Chinese? French? Danish? Arabic? There is no language barrier: all languages are accepted. On top of English, the website has versions in Spanish, Arabic and French. More languages will follow soon.

What’s more, submissions are completely free. Finalists will be selected by the AIPS Committee and a Jury of highly respected people from the industry will pick the winners.

More than US$ 100,000 in prizes
The final ceremony of the first edition will be held in Lausanne, in January 2019. Winners will get a diploma and a prize of US$ 8,000. Second placed will receive US$ 3,000 and third placed will get US$ 2,000. Special categories do not include a money prize.

The website also focus on the current state of the sports media industry with features and interviews.

Features and interviews
But AIPS does not want this to be just a special night once a year. The search for excellence is constant and that’s why we are also launching a new series of articles and sections.

“Media tribune”, “Editor speaking” and “Game changers” are part of the package that we called “Deconstructing the profession”. Because, as we already found out, problems could be the same in El Salvador than in Argentina or in Ghana, but also solutions can come from new players in the media world. We will be tracking them down and telling their stories, so the AIPS Sport Media Awards are not just an annual gala, but a weekly celebration of the very best in our profession. With the same spirit that the association was created in 1924, ahead of the Olympic Games in Paris.

By doing so, we will not only understand the current challenges in the sports media industry but also we will be inspiring colleagues from all over the world with new trends, new technologies and innovative characters that are trying to take the profession to the next level.

Want to know more? Pay us a visit at www.aipsawards.com.


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