Conquering the world: AIPS Sport Media Awards confirm global interest by reaching over 100 countries in one month

  • May 26, 2018
The website was launched on April 24. In one month it received visitors from 107 different countries.

In the first month of being online, the AIPS Sport Media Awards website ( received visits from 107 different countries across the five continents, a massive success in terms of interest and international reach, and another proof of the unique ties that AIPS has in the world.

Dedicated social media accounts (@aipsawards) were also launched on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, to read about the latest trends in sports media and discover inspiring stories from our colleagues.

Global prize
The AIPS Sport Media Awards are the highest international accolade for sport journalists, offering recognition to the very best sport storytellers across all media platforms, from photography to video, from print to digital, from podcasts to sports blogs.

Over 100 journalists already registered and started sending their work across all participating categories.

Categories are 1) Photography, Sport Action, 2) Photography, Portfolio, 3) Writing, Best Column, 4) Writing, Best Colour Piece, 5) Audio, 6) Video, Athlete profile, 7) Video, Documentary, 8) Journalistic Weblog.

Special categories will also be presented in the gala in Lausanne, set for January 2019: Investigative reporting and A life in Sport.

The categories. Up to two submissions per person. And it's completely free.

World tour

The AIPS Sport Media Awards were officially launched during the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Since then, the imaginary flame of Sport Media Excellence travelled across Colombia, Senegal, Gabon, Belgium, Argentina, Qatar, Bolivia, Nigeria and France, with successful presentations and presence in the major sporting events of the year.

During the AIPS Congress recently celebrated in Brussels, the AIPS Sport Media Awards were described as "an insurance policy for our profession" and "a bridge to the future of sport journalism".

Many media outlets, including Spanish newspaper Marca, have become media partners of the Awards, a key instrument to deliver the message of Sport Media Excellence to as many professionals as possible. The work of national associations from the continental sections of AIPS will also be invaluable.

Some of the content the AIPS Sport Media Awards have produced for all platforms.

For reading more about the AIPS Sport Media Awards, please visit or follow the twitter, instagram and facebook pages, @aipsawards


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