Sports journalists express delight with AIPS Sports Media Awards at Cochabamba 2018

  • June 03, 2018
Gelena Bravo - venezuelan journalist at the MPC

By: Constanza Mora Pedraza - AIPS Member

COCHABAMBA, June 3, 2018 - The Cochabamba 2018 South American Games has been a perfect venue to present the AIPS Sports Media Awards, which will project the work of Sports Journalists around the world.

The games have witnessed a great attendance of journalists from all over the South American continent and other invited countries of Central America as well as the Caribbean and AIPS has been encouraging them to submit their work.

Marcelo Olivera from Bolivia, who works mainly as a football commentator, has told AIPS that having the opportunity to be recognized worldwide is very important and he has promised to submit his work for the awards.

AIPS also spoke to Onelfis Meza from Venezuela, who also showed great interest, especially with the possibility of submitting two entries. This is because nowadays in her country journalists work in different media companies so it is an advantage to be able to choose more than one piece of work from the many coverages she has done during the year.

Another journalist who made a commitment to submit publications about the performances of athletes from his country is Ecuadorian Luis Angel Chema. He did not mind the long trip he had to do to get to Cochabamba as he derived joy from seeing several athletes from his country at the top of the podium.

Luis Angel knows that considering Ecuador's great achievements in the last year, it will be good to participate in the AIPS Sports Media Awards.

Edilson Ballesteros is one journalist who is mainly dedicated to the coverage of the Olympic Games. For him the AIPS Sport Media Awards will encourage him to meet the expectations of not only journalism in his country, but in the world. He is also convinced that this initiative by AIPS will enrich him through the publications of other colleagues from around the world.

Cochabamba 2018 still has many days ahead and more journalists are expected in the city. The AIPS Sport Media Awards promotion will continue to encourage and inspire creativity among our colleagues.


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