From how to register to how to submit, Africa explains all the secrets of the AIPS Sport Media Awards

  • June 26, 2018
During a press conference held in Dakar, Senegal, president Abdoulaye Thiam (right) and general secretary Bamba Kassé (middle) encouraged the participation of journalists. Diacounda Sene discussed the details for registering and submitting work in the different categories.

by Diacounda Sene

As the AIPS Sport Media Awards keep expanding to different countries, the African continent is definitely doing its homework, as it became clear during an encounter of African national associations held in Dakar, Senegal.

"We will all mobilise to help you in the promotion among journalists,” the president of the national sport press association of Senegal (ANPS) Abdouaye Thiam, had already promised. The commitment was shown in a special press conference in which sport journalists from representative media outlets in the country were invited, to understand more about the AIPS Sport Media Awards and how to participate.

Dozens of journalists
In the auditorium of the press house where is located the ANPS headquarters, there were about 30 journalists who attended the conference.

At the end of this meeting which lasted more than an hour, the response had been highly satisfying, as journalists were leaving with a broad smile.

Also in Gabon
A similar commitment was adopted in Gabon, as local journalists met with the president of the national association of independent sport press of Gabon, Rodrigue Bekalé

Volunteering to serve as a focal point in Gabon, Mr Bekalé called a meeting two weeks ago. According to him, 53% of journalists are aware and the promotion is ongoing.

Women have the backing of the president of UFRESA (Women’s sport journalist union), Raissa Laure Medza, that also promised her support for the promotion of the Awards and spreading the word in all the possible platforms..

Count with Mali
This same initiative was followed in Mali where president Omar Baba Traoré used the occasion of a meeting with sport journalists to expose them on the AIPS Awards.

All these meetings allowed journalists to have a clearer idea about the AIPS Sport Media Awards but also to better understand the registration and submitting process, which is as easy as signing up for an email account and sending a form with attached files.


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