Colombia welcomes the AIPS Sport Media Awards

  • June 27, 2018

Presentation of the AIPS Sport Media Awards during the Acord Congress in Colombia.

by Constanza Mora Pedraza

The AIPS Sport Media Awards promotion continues, as Neiva, Colombia became another scenario to unveil the most important international prize for sport journalism. The Colombian Sports Press Association, Acord Colombia, invited AIPS Media to take part in the Congress.

Carlos Castellanos, AIPS America vice-president, spoke about the history of AIPS Media, while Cristian Torino, Pro-Treasurer of AIPS America and president of the Argentinian Sport Journalist Federation - FAPED, presented "Sport as a mobiliser in the social scale".

The Congress also had the presence of an outstanding group of journalists and sporting personalities.

The event was attended by presidents of the 27 branches of Acord Colombia, members of Acord Huila and students of journalism, who will now spread the word about the Awards in Colombia and the rest of South America, a reason why AIPS Media expects to have attract big interests from the sport journalists of this continent.

The AIPS Sport Media Awards are divided in six main categories and submissions are already open at


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