TOP 20 - Photography

  • December 03, 2018

The first edition of the AIPS Sport Media Awards received an outstanding total of 1273 submissions from 119 nations around the globe. In submitting their work for consideration for the eight categories of the AIPS awards, colleagues from across the globe engaged in a dialogue of sporting excellence. Such dialogue is crucial in highlighting the importance of sports media and the need to invest in its culture and independence.

AIPS is honored to announce the TOP 20 submissions in the following categories in alphabetical order:


ADRIAN DENNIS, Shot from Above,   AFP (United Kingdom)

AKL YAZBECK, Fall seven times stand up eight,   Akl Yazbeck (Lebanon)

ALEX LIVESEY, Ski Jumping,   PyeongChang 2018 (United Kingdom)

ALEXANDER HASSENSTEIN, Start,   Getty Images (Germany)

ALEXEY FILIPPOV, Fourcade,   Sputnik (Russia)

ANIKO KOVACS, The third hand,   Hungarian Handball Federation (Hungary)

ATUL KAMBLE, Cricket,   Mid-day (India)

CARL RECINE, Pile On,   BBC (United Kingdom)

DRAGO SOPTA, Vrsaljko sleep,   Croatia Football Federation (Croatia)

IAN MACNICOL, Honey Osrin,   ZIMBO (United Kingdom)

IORI SAGISAWA, Butterfly,   Kyodo News (Japan)

JOEL MARKLUND, Steeplechase,   Bildbyran Photo Agency (Sweden)

LUCA BETTINI, Track European Cycling Championships, penning,   BettiniPhoto (Italy)

LUKAS SCHULZE, ATHLETE vs. ANIMAL,   Istanbul Photo Awards (Germany)

NORBERT SCHMIDT, Mud Fight,   Norbert Schmidt Sports Photo (Germany)

RODRIGO VILLALBA, The Arms of the World Cup,   Futebol Interior (Brazil)

SASCHA FROMM, Breaking Pole,   Thueringer Allgemeine (Germany)

SCOTTY BARBOUR, Rhythmic Gymnastics,   Scotty Barbour (New Zealand)

STEFAN WERMUTH, European Championships Glasgow,   Reuters (Switzerland)

VINCENT RIEMERSMA, Skating Shadows,   PZC (Netherlands)


ADAM PRETTY, Budapest World Swimming Championships,   Getty Images (Germany)

BRIAN CARLIN, The toughest conditions call for the toughest men and women...,   Volvo Ocean Race (Spain)

DAVID GRAY, Australian Sporting Moments,   Reuters (Australia)

EZRA SHAW, Death Valley Ultra Marathon,   Getty Images (United Kingdom)

FRANCK FIFE, Desert,   AFP (France)

IAN MACNICOL, Sports Folio,   Getty Images (United Kingdom)

ISTVÁN MIRKÓ, Hátsó Füves (Backyard Goals),   Magyar Idők (Hungary)

JEONG HEON SONG, 평창올림픽 응원하는 북한 미녀 응원단 (North Korean cheering squad at PyeongChang Olympics),   스포츠조선 (Sports Chosun) (Korea, Republic Of)

KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV, No name Games,   AFP (Russia)

LARS BARON, Football World Cup,   Getty Images (Germany)

LORRAINE O'SULLIVAN, Headlock. Foxy Ladies. Slip sliding away. Mud, sweat and cheers. Making a splash.,   The Irish Independent (Ireland)

MATTHIAS HANGST, 24th European Athletics Championships,   Getty Images (Germany)

NAEEM AHMADI, Women's sport .ورزش بانوان,   Iran Internationl Photo Agency ,آژانس عکس ایران (Iran)

PATRICK B. KRAEMER, Aquatics,   Magicpbk/EPA/Keystone (Switzerland)

PIM RAS, The Champions League final of Sergio Ramos,   AD Sportwereld (Netherlands)

SCOTT BARBOUR, The 2018 Australian Open Tennis Grand Slam Tournament,   Scott Barbour/Getty Images (Australia)

TIBOR ILLYES, Backlight,   Hungarian News Agency (Hungary)

YAN HAN, Sports moment, beautiful, touching,   Xinhua News Agency (United Kingdom)

YURI CORTEZ, Avalanche,   AFP (Mexico)

刘 续, Young gymnasts,   Xinhua news agency (China)


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