• January 11, 2019

With just 10 days to go until the inaugural AIPS Sport Media Awards ceremony on January 21 in Lausanne, AIPS is honoured to publish the Top Ten finalists from each continent. The Awards submissions included an inspiring level of journalistic content from across five continents, confirming that the quality of sports storytelling is present worldwide.

The first edition of the AIPS Awards received an outstanding total of 1273 submissions from 119 nations around the globe. In submitting their work for consideration for the eight categories, colleagues from across the globe engaged in a dialogue of sporting excellence. Such dialogue is crucial in highlighting the importance of sport media and the need to invest in its culture and independence.

The continental sections of AIPS have worked hard to ensure that they are duly represented in the Awards. Hence to further highlight the international reach and unique ties that the association has around the world, below are the Top 10 finalists, in alphabetical order, of the AIPS Sport Media Awards from EUROPE.



Dario Ricci, Franco Nones: per tutto l'oro ...del fondo (Franco Nones, at walking pace),   Radio24 IlSole24Ore (Italy)

Dario Ricci, Più veloci della luce: Simone e Ivan Origone, i fratelli-jet,   Radio24-IlSole24Ore (Italy)

Fernando Evangelio Beamud, This is Fútbol Especial Mundial 2018,   Cadena Cope (Spain)

Franci Pavser, Luka Doncic - Na poti med zvezde (Luka Doncic - Becoming star),   Radio Slovenija (Slovenia)

Isabelle Langé, La boite a souvenirs de Laurent Blanc (The souvenir box of Laurent Blanc),   RTL (France)

Jonathan Rowe, The coach,   The Cycling Podcast (United Kingdom)

Jose David Isabel Lopez, Crendes, pioneras del fútbol femenino (Crendes, the pioneers of women's football),   ElEnganche - SpainMediaRadio (Spain)

Matthias Steiner, Die Rollstuhl Basketball Weltmeisterschaft,   ARD Radio / Norddeutscher Rundfunk (Germany)

Pirmin Styrnol/Jürgen Schmidt, Horst Eckel - Für immer ein Held von Bern (Horst Eckel - Forever a hero of Bern),   SWR2 (Germany)

Ronald Mcintosh, Ronald McIntosh Audio Showreel, demonstrating storytelling through broadcast commentary and reportin,   BT Sport, Showtime, IAAF, ITV, IMG, BBC (United Kingdom)

Ronny Blaschke, Triumph und Trauer (Triumph and Grief),   Deutschlandfunk Kultur (Germany)

Slavko Jeric, The Story of Goran Dragic: From Footballer to Basketball Star,   RTV Slovenija (Slovenia)



Anastasia Solovyeva, The Gold of the North. Overview of the FIS Ski FlightWorld Championships in Oberstdorf,   Sportsru (Russia)

Daniel Etchells, Esports' debut at Ashgabat 2017 marks new chapter for AIMAG, and perhaps sport as we know it, (United Kingdom)

Liam Morgan, Liam Morgan: esports should be nowhere near the Olympics but it is too late because the train has already left the station, (United Kingdom)

Lucian Oprea, Tenis Total: Simona Halep, Campioana La Roland Garros (Total Tennis: Simona Halep, Roland Garros Champion),   Lucianopreasport (Romania)

Miriam Terruzzi, A voce alta, a occhi chiusi,   E mi alzo sui pedali (Italy)

Miriam Terruzzi, Spirito del Lupo (Spirit of the Wolf),   E mi alzo sui pedali (Italy)

Nick Butler, Nick Butler: There is a gap between the values sport has, wants to have and should have, (United Kingdom)

Stefan Nestler, Everest-Ski-Permit – eine Farce! (Everest Ski Permit - a farce!),   Abenteuer Sport - Blog der Deutschen Welle (DW) (Germany)

Ubaldo Scanagatta, Serena…Ramos aveva ragione! Osaka, che campionessa! (Ramos was right in Serena’s controversy! Osaka, what a champion!), (Italy)

Vasily Konov, Футбол на краю света (Football on the edge of the world),   R-Sport (Russia)



Adam Pretty, Budapest World Swimming Championships,   Getty Images (Germany)

Alexey Filippov, Pyeong Chang 2018,   Sputnik (Russia)

Brian Carlin, The toughest conditions call for the toughest men and women...,   Volvo Ocean Race (Spain)

Franck Fife, Desert,   AFP (France)

István Mirkó, Hátsó Füves (Backyard Goals),   Magyar Idők (Hungary)

Kirill Kudryavtsev, No name Games,   AFP (Russia)

Matthias Hangst, 24th European Athletics Championships,   Getty Images (Germany)

Patrick B. Kraemer, Aquatics,   Magicpbk/EPA/Keystone (Switzerland)

Tibor Illyes, Backlight,   Hungarian News Agency (Hungary)

Yan Han, Sports moment, beautiful, touching,   Xinhua News Agency (United Kingdom)



Alexander Hassenstein, Start,   Getty Images (Germany)

Alexey Filippov, Fourcade,   Sputnik (Russia)

Aniko Kovacs, The third hand,   Hungarian Handball Federation (Hungary)

Carl Recine, Pile On,   BBC (United Kingdom)

Drago Sopta, Vrsaljko sleep,   Croatia Football Federation (Croatia)

Ian Macnicol, Honey Osrin,   Zimbo (United Kingdom)

Luca Bettini, Track European Cycling Championships, penning,   BettiniPhoto (Italy)

Norbert Schmidt, Mud Fight,   Norbert Schmidt Sports Photo (Germany)

Stefan Wermuth, European Championships Glasgow,   Reuters (Switzerland)

Vincent Riemersma, Skating Shadows,   PZC (Netherlands)



Aljoscha Pause, Being Mario Götze - A German Football Story,   DAZN (Germany)

Anthony Audureau, Ousmane et la lutte enchantée (Ousmane, Sandguine wrestler),   Demain Dakar (France)

Arzu Qulamov, Ertogrul,   Kapaz TV (Azerbaijan)

Badih Chayban / Michael Linch, Under siege in Syria, this gymnast dreams of opening his own gym,   Olympic Channel (Spain / United Kingdom)

Efe Unur, Sepp Blatter,   TRT World (Turkey)

Elías Israel Garzón, Los ocho apellidos vascos de Julen Lopetegui,   Sportyou/20minutos (Spain)

Emanuela Audisio, Pelé's last show,   3D Produzioni (Italy)

Diego Hurtado de Mendoza / Greg Groggel / Peter Berg, The People’s Fighters: Teofilo Stevenson and the Legend of Cuban Boxing,   Olympic Channel (Spain)

Josef Opfermann, Amanda Reiter: Running against the prejudices,   Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) (Germany)

Martin Unger, 20 years Hermann Maier,   ORF - Austrian National TV (Austria)



Alan Golding, The Rugby Codebreakers,   BBC Wales (Hoi Polloi Pictures Production) (United Kingdom)

Andy May, The Forgotten War,   BT Sport (United Kingdom)

Anthony Edgar, ONE SHOT - Photographing the Olympic Games,   The Olympic Channel/NBC Sports (Switzerland)

Emanuela Audisio, 1968 - Sport & Revolution,   3D Produzioni (Italy)

Gyula Czinke, The Marvellous Defender - Vitéz Olivér Halassy,   GreenScreen Production Inc. (Hungary)

Jan Pokorny, Ostrava Golden Spike 2018, (Czech Republic)

Patrick Sung, Strákarnir okkar (Our boys): Iceland and the World Cup, (United Kingdom)

Richard Szentes, Men against Nature,   Echo TV (Hungary)

Stuart Pollitt, Race and Pace - The West Indians in East Lancashire,   BBC North West (United Kingdom)

Vladimir Pajić, 250 stepenika (250 steps),   Sportnetwork / PGM Network (Serbia)



Achim Dreis, "Wir helfen ihnen, sie helfen uns" (“We help them and they help us”),   Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAS) (Germany)

Antje Windmann, Der Mensch im Trikot,   DER SPIEGEL (Germany)

Christof Gertsch, Mikael Krogerus, 9.79 / Der gefallene Star (The fallen star),   Das Magazin/Tamedia (Switzerland)

David Ruiz De La Torre, Las raíces italianas de Messi: En un pueblo italiano, al pie de las montañas... (Messi's Italian roots: in an Italian village, at the foot of the mountains),   MARCA (Spain)

Filippo Maria Ricci, A trip to Liberia into the President's house,   SportWeek/Gazzetta dello Sport (Italy)

Fritz Neumann, Sexual Abuse in Skiing: 'The Coaches Divided Up the 15- to- 20-Year-Old Girls' ("Sie haben sich die,   Der Standard (Austria)

James Montague, Leading Serbia at World Cup, Nemanja Matic Has One Foot Rooted at Home,   New York Times (Serbia)

José Ignacio Pérez Hernández, "Yo jugué al fútbol en Auschwitz" ("I played football in Auschwitz"),   MARCA (Spain)

Sergio Heredia, ¿Qué significa Messi? (What does Messi mean?),   La Vanguardia (Spain)

Zsuzsa Dr. Csisztu, Egy erős nő - A Strong Woman - portrait about Kati Szabó, former Four Time Gymnastic Olympic Champio,   Presztizs Sport Magazin (Hungary)



Dumitru Graur, Tears of an old commentator,   Sport in Romania (Romania)

Francesco Caremani, C’è qualcosa che non va nel giornalismo sportivo (ma c’è futuro) (There's something wrong with sport journalism, but there is hope),   Il Foglio (web) (Italy)

Gergely Csurka, En edes Katinkam (My sweet Katinka),   Nemzeti Sport (Switzerland)

Igor Rabiner, The Athletes or the Slaves? Rabiner Against of Boycotting Olympics,   Sport-Express (Russia)

Jean-Michel Brochen, Ombre et lumiere (Shadow and light),   Le Magazine l'Equipe (France)

Joaquín Maroto, Las escuchas secretas de la Guardia Civil (The secret recordings of the Guardia Civil),   AS (Spain)

Johannes Nedo, Der den Ball frisst (Making the ball his own),   Tagesspiegel (Germany)

Motez Bishara, NFL players learning how not to go broke -- with the help of MBAs,   CNN (United Kingdom)

Oliver Brown, Gymnast Biles' abuse scandal is lesson unlearned,   The Daily Telegraph (United Kingdom)

Sergio Heredia, Bumerán (Boomerang),   La Vanguardia (Spain)


** More than ten submissions have received an equal number of votes and have been included in the continent's Top Ten


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