Reaching a wider audience and improving the quality, one of the success stories of AIPS Sport Media Awards

  • January 18, 2019
Russia’s Igor Rabiner is in the top three of the Writing – Best Column category of the inaugural AIPS Sport Media Award


Chibuogwu Nnadiegbulam, AIPS Young Reporter, Nigeria


LAUSANNE, January 18, 2019 - The AIPS Sport Media Awards have received plaudits from the finalists of its first edition.

“This is a great initiative. An awards ceremony is only as prestigious as the organization behind it. The AIPS is an extremely respected international association, so this recognition is a great honour,” said Diego Hurtado de Mendoza. He, alongside Greg Groggel and Peter Berg are in the top three of the Video – Athlete Profile category for their film about Cuban boxing which was published on the Olympic Channel.


Antje Windmann, who is one of the top three nominees for Writing – Best Colour Piece, is a sports journalist with one of Germany’s top magazines, Der Spiegel: “I absolutely appreciate this initiative. There are discussions if awards for journalists are necessary but I think they can really highlight topics which are underrepresented in the daily business,” she said.

Italian Dario Ricci, nominated in the top three of the Audio category, agreed: “I really appreciate it. It's important to have the opportunity to compare our different points of view about sport, and our different ways to tell and describe it.”



Italian journalist Emanuela Audisio thinks having an international award for the sport media industry is an “excellent idea”.

Audisio was nominated in the Video – Athlete Profile (Pelé’s last show) and Video – Documentary (Mexico 68). “It gives value to our work and the chance to reach a wider audience. Confronting different work from different countries and cultures opens minds,” she says.

José Ignacio Pérez Hernández, from Spain’s leading sports newspaper Marca, added: “The AIPS Sport Media Awards offer thousands of journalists the opportunity to exhibit their work to the entire world. Also it is a way to contribute to the value and prestige of sport journalism, and to the improvement, creativity and innovation of the content of the mass media.” Hernández made it to the top three of the Writing – Best Colour Piece category.

To further highlight the value of the Awards, Anthony Audureau, one of the top three of the Video – Athlete Profile category nominees, explained: “Sport is universal. We can see that during international competitions when people coming from very different countries share the same passion in the same place. A lot of sport stories deserve to be told and known all around the world.

“The Awards are not only a recognition for good quality journalistic work, they are also a way to promote unknown sports, athletes or sport traditions in countries not used to big media-friendly competitions.”


Patrick B. Kraemer and Adam Pretty, who are both in the top three of the Photography – Portfolio category, believe the AIPS Sport Media Awards can help curb the scourge in the sports media industry.

“It's a great idea. Especially in this difficult time where the quality of images in the media is decreasing and the trend is going from quality to quantity, it is important to set a counterpoint,” Kraemer said.

“Having an awards and competition only improves the level of photography or reporting as it gives you something to measure yourself against and see how you match up and what work you need to do to measure up to the competition,” added Pretty.



Aaron Kearney, who is in the top three of the Audio category also agreed: “To have a celebration of the finest work, and a recognition of the importance of quality, is vital to the future of our industry. The AIPS Sports Media Awards will surely become the Oscars of sports journalism and to be among the inaugural finalists is something I will always treasure.”

Meanwhile in Pirmin Styrnol’s hometown, Lahr (Germany), his nomination was received with media interest. “A colleague wrote in the newspaper that the Awards are something like the ‘Oscars for sport journalists’.” Styrnol, together with Jürgen Schmidt, have their audio piece about German football hero, Horst Eckel in the final.



Surely there can be only one winner in each category of the Awards at the ceremony on January 21, but Russia’s Igor Rabiner, who is in the top three of the Writing – Best Column category has painted a bigger picture.

“It's not sports itself where the criteria is pretty firm, and everybody in the stands see how you win or lose. Journalism, as any creative sphere, is hard to evaluate, so I understand what an amazingly complicated task the AIPS international jury had and still has. But this goal really motivates all sports journalists in the world to work with more inspiration and to go above just fulfilling what their bosses' want from them today and right now.

“I always say that we all have to support each other because we are in the same boat. If any sports paper, website, TV channel or radio station collapses because of any reason, as it happened recently with Sport FM, the only sports radio station in Russia, it's a huge blow not only for it, but for our profession. So each of us must do everything possible to make it more prestigious. That's why I hope that my selection would help to promote sports media industry in my country.”


The first edition of the Awards received an impressive 1273 submissions from 119 nations across eight categories. Special categories (Investigative reporting and A life in Sport) will also be presented at the Awards ceremony on January 21, at the Beau-Rivage Palace Hotel in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The AIPS Sport Media Awards are the highest international accolade in the sports media industry and the initiative by the International Sports Press Association (AIPS) is aimed at investing in culture as well as the future of sport journalism, and protecting the integrity of the profession.


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