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  • January 20, 2019

Diacounda Sene, AIPS Young Reporter, Senegal

LAUSANNE, January 20, 2019 - A nice voice over to introduce a powerful story, the one of a woman from Papua New Guinea who plays Rugby to fight against the violence she and her teammates have suffered. This is why Australian journalist Aaron Kearney (ABC) earned the recognition of the AIPS Sport Media Awards Jury, becoming one of the finalists in the audio category.

It takes 5 minutes and 7 seconds for the ABC Radio journalist to tell the struggle of the Rugby Women's League in Papua New Guinea, a group of brave women attempting to change their image in this remote country of the South Pacific, a nation in which credible studies indicate that 7 out of 10 women face domestic violence, according to the Kearney.

“Strong men respect women” said one of the PNG rugby team when asked about the meaning of their daily task. In fact, their goal has nothing to do with the result, but with earning respect. Playing rugby in Papua New Guinea is for these women a way to reclaim equal treatment and fight again gender violence.

Back in time

Another finalist, Dario Ricci (Radio 24) picked a historical event and developed it in his work “Franco Nones, at walking pace”. A 10 minutes document which plunges back into the winter sport history of Italy, starting from the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble, France. A tale that glorifies the career of Franco Nones, one of the greatest of all time in skiing.

The journalist brings to life the career of the Italian cross-country champion. From the unexpected opportunity offered by nature by making snow fall in abundance at the opening of the 1968 Winter Olympics, passing through his moments of glory and his cordial relations with his former competitors, this piece is a delightful tribute to this 78-year-old former athlete and role model for many generations.


Surviving hero

Another icon from the past is the focus of Pirmin Styrnol’s audio report. “Horst Eckel - Forever a hero of Bern” tells the history of the last living German football world champion, one of the protagonists of the renowned “Miracle of Bern”. The 25-minute radio documentary features a long and intense interview with the hero, his friends and family members. Styrnol also includes in the documentary parts of the original live radio commentary with legendary German commentator Herbert Zimmermann, on site at the 1954 FIFA World Cup final in Bern. Eckel was on the field when Germany defeated Hungary 3-2 and became world champions for the first time. A success that thanks to the radio will never end to amaze sport fans.


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