New video category for the AIPS Sport Media Awards! Meet Short Feature

  • April 15, 2019
(Photo by Getty Images)

LAUSANNE, April 15, 2019 - For the 2019 edition, the AIPS Sport Media Awards add a third video category: Short Feature.

On top of Athlete Profile and Documentary, categories that have produced a massive repercussion -both in figures and in quality- now there is a third option available.

What’s new. The Short Feature category requires a video no longer than 10 minutes in length on any sporting subject with strong storytelling, innovative filming and journalistic relevance.

By doing so, we offer a suitable environment for all those works coming from TV news reports and social media.

TV and social media. Whether it is a one-minute video created for Instagram, a five-minute interview on YouTube, a 7-minute story available on Vimeo or the average 5-minute piece for TV, they can now compete together, in a universe of their own.

More chances. With this valuable addition, the AIPS Sport Media Awards will offer more possibilities for all video-makers.

This category was discussed at the AIPS Executive Committee and AIPS Sport Media Awards Jury meeting in Doha, Qatar. There was an unanimous response: a category featuring a short video would not only add quality but also bring new participants, those that weren’t sure whether their video would be able to compete in the long run against documentaries and athlete profiles.

Criteria. Short Feature category will be judged based on storytelling, innovative filming and or journalistic relevance. All languages are accepted.

By bringing in the Short Feature category, both Documentary and Athlete Profile now have a minimum duration of 11 minutes.

Submissions for the 2019 edition will be open from April 16 to October 7. All video works must be aired between September 18, 2018 and October 7, 2019. As usual, there’s a limit of two submissions per participant.


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