PHOTO PORTFOLIO / Cycling and its Beauties - Getty Images
  • Dario Belingheri (Italy)

A collection of five pictures, four in colour and one in black and white. The beauties of cycling are for sure the colours inside the peloton, as the mix of the colourful jerseys, but overall the natural places along you can ride. “In this series of pics there are some beautiful places where I was enough lucky to be in this season,” detailed Belingheri. “From the peloton pictured next to the Italian coast of Liguria to the mountains of Oman with its big mountain road, from the peloton surrounded by the nature in Switzerland where you can breathe the scent of the rapeseed flowers to the riders pedaling close to each other through the woods of France; and in the end the concentration of a rider competing while there is his shadow reflected into his sunglasses”.


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