• Mattia Ozbot / Mattia Ozbot Photography

Mattia Ozbot took this photo on December 30, 2018 in Desio during the Italian basketball game between Cantù v Pistoia. Cantù won the game. He works as a freelance photographer for the Ciamillo Castoria agency, the official Basketball League photographers, and has the ability to use remote cameras. To create this masterpiece, Ozbot had get on the ceiling, and for this reason, he took a safety course. So, he installed the camera on the ceiling of the building, and then to create the lights and shadows, installed a power flash on the side. During the game he shot the photo with a remote control from the sidelines. He said the difficulty in taking the photo was that the camera takes a single photo and not a sequence. So for every action he had ready to shoot at the right time. The purpose of the photo is to show a unique and unusual perspective on basketball. “In sports photography, my biggest passion is to remote cameras and get different pictures from normal workstations. My biggest dream is to get to photograph at the Olympic Games,” he said.


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