• Roman Vondrouš / Czech News Agency

In the Czech Republic, horse-racing has had a long and distinguished tradition since the middle of the 19th century. Currently, there are 10 horse-race courses where both flat racings and steeplechase racings are held. Flat horse racing is popular especially on the racecourse in Prague – Velka Chuchle. Steeplechase racing is hosted on the racecourse in Pardubice, where some trainers and jockeys from England came to work in the past. The most prestigious race is Velka Pardubicka which is well known around the world thanks to its difficult course and changing racing-surface. It has been held in Pardubice since 1874, celebrating its 130th year this year. The horses run no matter the weather, rotating between grass surfaces and ploughed soil. There are water jumps and other difficult obstacles which put high demands on participants, sometimes proving fatal for both jockeys and horses. Through this photographic portfolio, Roman Vondrouš showed that horse racings are not a mere race of jockeys on their horses. They offer a unique connection of adrenaline, art, interesting lighting, details and fleeting moments which are hidden from the eyes of casual viewers.


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